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The 4Paws Rescue Team regularly holds adoption fairs at local pet stores. Below, we have highlighted some of the cats that we have available for adoption. Just click on the cat's name to see a larger image and learn a little more about them. We have dozens of other cats and kittens, too, many of which could make wonderful additions to your family. For more information on these cats or others in our adoption program, please call us at 703-715-MEOW, or drop us an e-mail. If you are interested in adopting any 4Paws cat, please download an application and fax it to 703-560-9795.

Be sure to scroll down and view all the cats displayed on our virtual adoption fair!  Also, see also our FIV & FeLV Positive Cats and videos of our cats on Cats of the Month! And if you want to see more of our cats in action, you can see them on the 4Paws  Facebook or YouTube    pages

Last updated 5-27-17

Kittens listed at bottom section of page

Cats for Adoption
 May Adoption Special for our Spring Formal Wear Cats - Reduced Fee $90 for  Spay/Neutered Black/Black & White Cats (cats indicated by asterisks **)

Jamie -
** - female

Chagall - male

Kitten Availability
(Quiet home, best as only cat) (Affectionate, good with other cats) (Lots of kittens available)


- **

Laredo - female
(Young girl, good with other cats) (Quiet home, best as only cat) (Affectionate, good with other cats and dogs, currently at Alexandria Petco)

- ** - female - see my video

Bon Bon - male


(Young, playful, good with dogs, best as only cat)

(Good with other cats, quiet home)

(Playful, confident boy)


Axl - ** - female

Zach - Maine Coon mix
(Young, good with other cats, best in a quiet home)

  (Good with other cats)

(Young, friendly, OK with other cats)



John Henry

(Young, good with other cats) (Young boy, good with other cats) (Young, playful, good with other cats)

Orca - **

- ** - female

- **
(Young, good with other cats) (Young) (No small children, best as only cat)

Twinkle - Dilute Calico

Peyton -
** - Norwegian Forest mix

Mr. Magoo
- **

(Young, best as only cat or with Midnight) (Affectionate, good with other cats, looking for foster home) (Affectionate, blind, no small children)


Red Cloud - male

- **

(Friendly, good with other cats and dogs) (Affectionate talker, good with other cats and dogs, looking for foster or adoption) (Young, lap cat)


- ** - female

(Loving, must be only pet, available for foster only) (Young, no small children, OK as only cat) (Quiet home, no children, no dogs)

Sarah - **

Ray  &


(Eccentric Lady needs Quiet Home, best as only pet) (Two loving, friendly brothers) (Must be adopted together)

- female


- **

(Cuddle bug, young, best as only cat, no dogs, no children, looking for foster or adoptive home) (Affectionate, laid-back, good with children) (Gentle girl, good with other cats, currently at Chantilly Petco)

Cuddles - Dilute Tortie


- **
(Loving, good with other cats and children) (Young, big girl, OK with other cats, currently at Fairfax Petco) (Best as only cat)



Filbert - male
(Young, petite, good with children, other cats, and dogs) (Young, cuddly, best as only cat) (Affectionate)


Wooly Bear
- **

Smokey - Lynx Point Balinese mix
(Young, best as only pet, currently at Tysons Petco) (Young, good with other cats, no dogs, available for foster or adoption) (Afftectionate, head butter, good with other cats)


- **

(Young, best in quieter home, currently at Fairfax Petco) (Young, petite, playful, good with other cats)

Alice -
** - Declawed


Pickles - ** - med fur

(Friendly talker, no dogs) (Affectionate, best as only pet, no small children) (Young, good with cats and dogs)

Charlotte - Declawed

- ** - Declawed

- **

(Affectionate, best as only cat,  currently at Manassas Petco) (Young, playful, no small children) (Young, affectionate, currently at Manassas Petco)

- **

Puddin' - female


(Laid back, good with other cats and dogs) (Young, lap cat, currently at Tyson's Petco) (Young, quiet home, good with other cats)



Lonnie - **

(Norwegian Forest Cat mix, currently at Burke Petco) (Loving lap cat, good with other cats and children) ( Quiet home, must be only cat, no small children, currently at
Chantilly Petco)

Delilah & Valentine
- **

Kosmo - Lynx Siamese mix

(Young girls, must be adopted together, CH kittie) (Young, currently at Sterling Petco)


Kittens for Adoption


- **

Maybelle & India

Kitten Availability

(Kitten boy, good with other cats, no small children) (Kitten girls) (Lots of kittens available)

(Kitten boy, good with other cats)

Barn Cats for Adoption



(Handsome boy)

Come to a 4Paws adoption fair to meet more of our cats and kittens!