A Loving and Gentle Girl Looking for a New Home!

Angel is a confident and friendly cat with a cute personality who enjoys people, attention, companionship, and playing with her toys.  A really cool thing about her is her coloring – she is a cream tabby also known as a dilute Torby!  Her uniquely colored coat is fluffy and super soft to the touch and is accented by her white boots and gloves.  Her large aquamarine eyes are truly mesmerizing to look into! 

Angel is 6 years young and is a joy to be around because she’s a happy cat with lots of spirit, has a fun personality, and likes to be around people!  Angel will wake you up in the morning with gentle nudges if she’s impatient for you to start your day together.  She has an expressive nature, opinions about how life should be, and she’s good at communicating what she wants.  If you leave her bowl empty, she’ll run to it to show you, and if you don’t put kibble in it she may nip an ankle to show her she disapproves of your laxity!  Also she’ll run to the door and sit there if she wants to go for a turn around the yard on her leash!  She doesn’t like to stay outside too long, just 10 or 20 minutes.  She enjoys a bit of salad while she’s out there, and munches on a few blades of grass. 

Angel is also quite playful, and is enjoying learning about new toys.  She likes large, colorful foam balls and other toys she can bat around the floor.  She also likes interactive play, and will race around if you tease her with string toys or the felt ribbon on a stick.  Her favorite toy is the striped felt caterpillar on the stick – she actually has jumped 3 feet in the air and turned flips to catch it!  She’ll certainly enjoy learning about the laser light, and other creative games.  She gets along well with other cats, although none of the cats in her foster home actually played with her.

Angel will find you if she wants attention, and enjoys affection. She loves to be petted, and she’ll let you know if she wants you to stop petting her – but if you won’t stop, she may signal with a nip, “That’s enough”!  So, children should be taught to respect her space and be gentle.  Angel was moved around a great deal with her original owner, but has maintained a philosophical attitude and is happy, well mannered, and poised.  Her foster dad says she seems “wise,” perhaps she’s learned the true meaning of life – love, affection, and companionship!  Now she just needs a responsible, loving, forever home.

Angel is spayed, updated on her vaccinations and tests negative for FIV/FeLV.  She’s ready to go home and start her new life.

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Angel. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.