A Sweet and Affectionate Boy Looking for a New Home!

Chagall is a young male with a stunning brown tabby & white color combination accented with gorgeous green eyes.  His rescuers found him living outside amongst a feral colony, but he was the one who would greet them everyday meowing with his tail high in the air, interested in being petted and curious what flavor dinner would be that night.  Clearly, he was a friendly boy who had simply been abandoned.

Chagall is very human-affectionate, and petting him is the way right to his heart.  He is very timid in new settings (more fearful of the space and other animals than of the people) but is always happy to get affection from his human friends.  It is the petting and human affection that brings him out of his shell.  He also likes to play with toys and seems to really enjoy the wand toy quite a bit!
Chagall seems to do fine with other cats and is not whatsoever aggressive toward them, though he generally seems the most content when there aren’t too many other animals around.  He had been bullied by a mean cat in the colony that his rescuers retrieved him from, so he would probably prefer a new home where there are not too many cats and where the only cats there are nice and gentle.  
Chagall was born in February 2012.  He is neutered, current on vaccines, healthy, tested negative for FIV & feline leukemia, and has been micro chipped.  He needs to be on a diet of predominantly canned food, but that’s OK because that is the healthiest diet for cats anyway!

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Chagall. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.