Ray & Luther
Two Siblings Looking for a New Home Togerther!


Luther and Ray are affectionate, friendly brothers, exceptionally sweet and gentle.  They are bonded, and completely devoted to each other, but have distinct personalities. 

Ray is outgoing and ready to meet new people, and enjoys all the attention you can lavish on him.  He’ll climb into your chair to say hello and see who you are, and look strangers right in the face! 

Luther is a bit larger, and he’s more tentative with new people these days -- he sticks his nose out to peek and see who’s talking to him, but you can tell he wants badly to come out and join in!  If you reach into Luther’s hiding place to pet him, he’ll rub your hand with his face, purr, snuggle up to your arm, and roll over to have tummy rubs – even though he’s hiding and can’t see you!  Silly boy!  But he soon comes out, and will be a friendly, outgoing kitty like Ray after a short time – losing his lifelong home was just more difficult for him.  But he’s doing better already, after just a couple of weeks.  



Both cats are beautiful, with soft, lustrous, tabby fur, and lovely faces.  They just turned 10 this summer, and are beginning to adjust to losing their home, where they lived since they were adopted from 4Paws as tiny kittens. 

Luther and Ray get along with other gentle cats, and had three other cats in their home.  They are healthy and happy, and eat a prescription diet dry kibble, and high quality canned food twice daily.  4Paws has all their medical records from their long-time vet, and had full medical work ups done on both cats to ready them for a new, loving home. 

Luther and Ray test negative for FIV/FeLV, and up on their vaccinations, and were already neutered.  They have both been micro chipped. Their full body function blood work and urinalyses shows Luther to be prone to crystals, which is controlled with their yummy prescription food, and lots of available fresh water.

Now the brothers just need a new, loving, home with gentle people who want to snuggle with their cats.  Ray will provide lots of love right away, and Luther will show affection from his hidey hole.  But soon he’ll be a total love bug too, as they adjust to the big, happy changes you bring to their lives.

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Ray & Luther. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.