“No heaven will not ever Heaven be, Unless my cats are there to welcome me.”

-Epitaph in a pet cemetery
MochaWe want to thank your organization for tirelessly working to find forever homes for these kitties. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy Mocha’s company throughout all these years if it weren’t for your hard work and dedication. Mocha was the sweetest girl that we could’ve asked for. It felt like she adopted us more than we adopted her. The kids loved feeding her and petting her every day. She was there for us in our times of need and she never left our sides. She was a fighter. She endured more than we could’ve asked for in order to stay with us for as long as she did. We’re glad that she’s in a better place. Her brother Bandit and the rest of the family misses her dearly and we hope that she gets plenty of treats and belly rubs up there. Good bye snowy boots. Until we meet again. Erwen
WalnutI wanted to thank you and your organization for my wonderful friend Walnut. He recently passed away. I adopted him in 2002. Walnut led a fun filled life and had a lot of adventures. He was great with kids, dogs, and will be missed by our family. Again, thank you for what you do. Walnut will be missed, Alex
AslanI adopted Aslan back in 2003. He was somewhere between 1-4 years old at the time. Wanted you to know that he went to the bridge last Monday and is now home next to his brother, Blue…who was another rescue. 
He had PU surgery in 2006 due to multiple crystal blocks, rocked a grade 3/4 murmur his entire life, and lived to the ripe old age of 15-19 before cancer forced us to make the ultimate decision. 
He was fat, happy, hilarious and well loved, and spent the last 6 years of his life with my father (who renamed him Louie the Lick aka the Catfather hahaha) when his kitty passed away after 19 great years. Here’s a picture I took of him at my dad’s house this past summer.  Amber 
SydneyMemorial Day weekend of 2000 we wandered into the Petco in Fairfax to get some supplies for our two cats. In a small enclosure sat a little white cat named Two Spot, for the two spots on her head. She looked lonely and forlorn. We found out from the 4Paws volunteer that she was the last one left from her litter. She came home with us to join our older two cats that day. 
Two Spot was quickly accepted by our other cats and I think they thought this little kitten was there to entertain them, watching her unroll the toilet paper, watching TV, racing up and down the stairs, and shadow boxing. Within weeks the spots disappeared and Two Spot became Sydney, joining the other “S” named cats, Sabu and Sheba, both rescued during our assignment in Egypt. 
Being with the federal government we then moved from Northern Virginia to South Africa back to Northern Virginia and then to our retirement home in South Carolina over the next 17 years. Sydney adapted beautifully to each move. She was always calm, sweet, loving and unfazed. 
Several weeks ago Sydney had a stroke. She lost all coordination and started walking on her ankles. Her blood pressure shot up to 220. She made a slight recovery over a week’s time on medication but then lost control of her bladder. It was with a very heavy heart that we helped her pass over the Rainbow Bridge just recently. 
Thank you 4Paws for bringing Sydney into our lives. We will miss her every day and have a huge whole in our hearts.   Trudy
SnowballMy sweet, beautiful baby girl. You were such a shy puss, but had gradually blossomed to come out of your shell.  I’m so sorry we did not have more time together. Your brother Thomas is waiting for you at the bridge. Dede 
SunshineSunshine, our beloved orange tabby, came to us from 4Paws as a young, rescued kitten.  She sometimes mystified us with the habits that she had picked up during her short early stint in the wild.  But she was the most sweet and loving cat ever encountered.  It turned out that her name reflected more than the color of her fur and her disposition – she loved warmth and heat.  She was always seeking out the warmest possible place to reside, including welcoming laps and comfortable cushions, spots of sunshine on the floors that she followed throughout the day, heat vents during the winter, and during one stint in an older house, the tops of steam radiators that were hot to the touch – the high temperatures didn’t faze her.  She passed away Nov 2015 and we will always miss her. Barbara W 
CCCC was a gentle, quiet little soul. She was happiest looking out the window or prowling around the house at night with her brother and boyfriend. Oh how she loved her boys. Go find your brother, Percy, at the rainbow bridge. Dede 
Sir PercyPercy was the sweetest little boy. He had the cutest way of standing and looking at you with his head tilted. Having feral beginnings, he was incredibly clever – except when it came to hiding. Little guy never figured out that hiding under the sheets and leaving a big lump was not an effective way to hide.  Go find your mom at the rainbow bridge.  Dede  
OreoOreo was a wonderful, beloved cat who quickly found a family he charmed at an adoption fair. He was an affectionate and happy cat who liked to lounge in bed or on his cat tree. Oreo was one very well loved boy. He was in his forever home for 6 months, and they were the best months of his life where he knew what it was like to be part of a happy family. Tragically Oreo passed away this week from a blood clot. He will be dearly missed. 
BarnabasBarnabas (previously named Popeye) was a very special little cat who made a big impact and touched the lives of everyone who knew him. He was one of the cuddliest and happiest cats you could want to meet, always ready to make a new friend and snuggle with everyone. His favorite thing to do was to be with people, giving head butts, purring, and enjoying a warm lap.  He was turned into the shelter as a “nuisance” found in someone’s backyard.  He was very scared, sick, missing an eye, and he tested positive for FeLV. Despite this, Barnabas made it through, and was his playful, affectionate self throughout it all. Barnabas found a wonderful forever home with an amazing mom who saw what a special boy he was. He was quite the spoiled and well loved kitty who charmed everyone he met with his adorable antics. Sadly, Barnabas recently crossed the rainbow bridge after developing a mass in his chest from which he could not recover. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.  
RipleyRipley was a wonderful, affectionate goofball of a cat who always entertained and cuddled with her parents. She captured the hearts of everyone who met with her with her silly antics and love of people and getting attention. Ripley’s life was tragically cut short from FIP. She was in her forever home for 8 months, and they were the best months of her life where she knew what it was like to be part of a happy family. She also loved playing chase with her kitty brother Simba. She’ll be dearly missed. 
SweetieI wanted to share with you all that our household lost one of our dear 4Paws alums this weekend, Sweetie. Sweetie was just two weeks shy of her 16th birthday when her little body succumbed to the lymphoma it’d been fighting, despite aggressive medical treatment to help extend her life and keep her pain-free. We have had Sweetie and her brother Vapor since they were 4 weeks old – we had decided to foster and those two, along with four brothers (Squeaky-now-Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mickey and Boo-Boo) and mama Mia, were our first foster kitties with 4Paws. They were such a special bunch and little Sweetie was the runt, fighting for food and attention constantly. She came to us with a beat up eye and we had to help her get to Mia to get her nutrients while nursing, as her bigger brothers were always edging her out. I can’t imagine what would have happened to her had you all not rescued the family. From the beginning, she was an obnoxious little kitty, but she added so much personality to our household that she leaves a big hole in our hearts and home. (con’t)
ScullyI adopted Scully in May 2015. After some months of intestinal issues, she was found to have a mass in her colon and was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Scully’s health deteriorated very quickly, and unfortunately I had to make the decision to relieve her of her discomfort. Scully spent her last days at home getting lots of cuddles and enjoying tuna, treats, and ice-cream . When her time came she was, as usual, super brave and friendly to everyone at the animal hospital. She knew how much I loved her and I’m so happy I got to spoil the sweetest kitty for the 10 months I had her. I’ll miss her so so much. Winston  
Tony SpumoniEarlier this week, Tony Spumoni crossed The Rainbow Bridge, in search of the perfect slice of pizza.

Found near a pizza parlor in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, Tony had clearly had a tough go of it, before several caring volunteers swung into action to rescue him. A bit of a timid tiger – traffic noises especially seemed to bother him – Tony was gentle, sweet, and affectionate. He loved to laze away his days in a safe, enclosed space, seeking out cubbies, perches, and behind-furniture spots where he could just sleep and purr and wait for the next delivery of takeout. Cat milk was a particular favorite, and he loved it whenever the saucer came his way, especially when it was served to him in the linen closet at the top of the stairs.

Recently, Tony’s long-lost brother, Alfredo Linguine, was found at the same location. We had hoped to reunite the two once Alfredo finished his intake procedures. Alas, Tony has scouted ahead to the next plane of existence, where he is no doubt scouting out the best and most comfy spots.

Tony will be missed by all who knew him, especially by his foster dad, who had come to expect him to be in his favorite spots at certain times of the day. Every head butt, every clumsy “galump” up and down the stairs, every unassuming, meek meow asking for lap time, will be cherished, remembered, and missed.

Run free, Tony. Be whole again. Romp – unafraid, uninjured, and untroubled – and say hello to those precious ones who went before you, especially Raven.       David  
SophieSophie was my first 4Paws foster fail.  She was such a pathetic little Tortie – scared to death every time I took her to the fair.  So when the nice lady at her last fair decided not to adopt her, she became my sweet little Princess for the next 15 years.  She was such a great cuddler and lap warmer.  The house is so quiet without her.  Miss you baby girl.  Love, Dede & the Kids  
ZipperZipper was a darling 4 Paws cat who was adopted by a wonderful family about 18 months ago.  She was diagnosed with cancer and passed to the Rainbow Bridge a short time ago. Zipper was a loving little girl and a gentle, gentle soul. She was vocal every time you touched her, and would jump up on the bed in full voice just to let you know she was coming–even if it was 1:30AM!.  She slept on her mom’s hip all night or on her dad’s chest.  She loved to be near them.  She was the fastest cat they had ever known sprinting up the stairs to the bedroom.  She loved the sun and would curl up anywhere there was a sunny spot.  She was a good little traveler under the seat on an airplane and was good about making friends with their friends. She was precious to the end. 
ChaseChase was a charismatic and loving young cat who tragically passed away just a few weeks after finding his forever home. We were never able to determine exactly what illness took him but his family was with him throughout, loving and caring for him. Chase came to 4Paws from the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter with his good friends Ursula and Taz, and was recently adopted by a wonderful forever family who loved him dearly, and comforted him until his passing. Chase was outgoing and enjoyed lots of attention, his foster family grew attached to him as did several of the volunteers who met him during his stay with 4Paws. Although his parents did not have long with him, he made a big impression on them as well and they are very upset by his passing, they tried everything they could to help him. He was a wonderful and affectionate cat who fortunately got to know what it was like to be a valued part of a family. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. 
TorpedoTorpedo (formerly Cyrus) had his life tragically cut short by FIP. Torpedo had only found his forever home just over a month before he was taken too soon. He was able to experience the best time of his life being a loving and valued member of a family, who cared very deeply for him and are devastated by his passing. He took great care of his boy, sleeping on his bed next to him every night snuggling, head butting his face and purring all of the time so he could see how much Torpedo cared about him. His family was extremely attached to this loving little boy and they were there for him right up until the end. Torpedo was the best cat you could want. Despite his small size and short time Torpedo made a large and lasting impression on all those who knew him and he will be very missed by everyone who met him. 
Sweetie PieSweetie Pie lived up to her name and was a very affectionate and loving little girl. Unfortunately during her short time with 4Paws Sweetie Pie did not find a forever home before she was taken too soon when she went into liver failure. She was loved by all of the volunteers who knew her and met her, one of whom was there with her during her final moments. Sweetie Pie made a lasting impression on everyone who met her, including the staff of the Anne Arundel Animal Shelter who rescued her before she came to 4Paws. She was easy to love, with her super soft fur, amazing personality and big yellow eyes full of joy. We’d like to hope this sweet girl knew that she was loved and that many people were doing their best to make a better life for her. 
RubixRubix was exactly 8 weeks old on the day he passed to the next life.  He was a super sweet and super energetic little guy who fought hard through a few spells of early illness and seemed to have fully overcome it all.  He was a super playmate to his 4 siblings, and his mom Tinker loved him dearly, as did his foster moms Dee and Laura who often stayed up through the night with him when he was really sick, administered fluids, and took him to the vet daily.  Once he made it to 6 weeks old, he seemed to be back at full health! 
Two weeks later, within less than 24 hours, he went from perfectly healthy to meeting the end of his life, despite the responsive efforts made to save him and all the hard work at the emergency vet.   He did indeed have a good life despite it being so short, and these pictures were taken just a couple of days before he went to the next life.  He will be very dearly missed. Laura. 
GeorgeRIP to George.  George came to 4Paws about a year ago from shelter that was way beyond capacity.  He arrived at the shelter so matted up that he needed to be shaved into a lion cut.  He tested positive for both feline leukemia and FIV, not to mention that he was already a senior cat.  Luckily a kind hearted volunteer that was already fostering a couple of leukemia positive cats stepped forward and offered to take him in too.  His beautiful coat eventually grew back in and he gained weight after receiving excellent care in his foster home.  He quickly took the lead of ‘top cat’ in his foster home and earned the respect and admiration of his fellow foster kitties.  Over the past few day George became ill and refused to eat anymore.  A 4Paws vet determined that George had come to the end of his life.  He died peacefully in his foster home on 2/19/2015.  He will be greatly missed by his foster mom. 
AlvaroAlvaro had obviously lived a hard life by the time we found him in the shelter…
Mr. BentleyIn loving memory of Mr. Bentley
IrisI had the very sad decision of putting Iris to sleep today. She had quickly declined in health and it turned out she had a virulent fast growing tumor beneath her tongue and realistically there was nothing that could be done. She was a sweet sweet cat, a rescue cat, and I was happy to give her a happy home for 2+ years. Her passing was quick and painless with me scratching her head as she went. She will be missed, especially my time sitting in my big chair with her in my lap and happy to be there for literally hours. We watched some good movies together. Well she slept through much of them but she kept me warm and cozy. Goodbye sweet kittie.  
ButchButch was a feral tom cat that had been living outside in a trailer park in Harper’s Ferry, WV for years.  When it came time for his caretaker to move, she feared what this would mean for Butch.  The trailer park management was not happy about his presence and there would be no one left to provide food to Butch.  His caretaker humanely trapped him and relocated him with her when she moved.  Because she moved to the city, it wasn’t going to be safe for Butch to be outdoors any longer.  Additionally, when Butch went in to be neutered he was tested and diagnosed and positive for both feline leukemia & FIV.  So he got his own room in the house and became and indoor cat.  During the last 2 years Butch blossomed from a feral cat to a loving lap cat.  In May he began to lose weight and eventually stopped eating a couple of days before his death 7/3/2014.  He was treasured companion to his foster mom/caretaker and will be missed greatly.  Flo   
DallasI had adopted Dallas back in 2006-ish. He was the cat that was deaf and loved to be vacuumed. When I adopted him I was a single woman working as a police officer for Washington, DC. Since his adoption we moved to Florida, got married, and had two sons. My boys loved Dallas and loved to lay on him like a pillow. Unfortunately on January 31,2014, Dallas became very ill and was suffering from internal bleeding for an unknown cause. It was decided to let him cross over the rainbow bridge and not suffer anymore. I loved that cat with all my heart and gave me nothing but joy to me and my family. I want to thank you and his foster mom for allowing me to be in his life. Our family just recently relocated to Pittsburgh and we are heartbroken because he is not with us. I just wish I had more time with him. Thank you again.  Kristina   
Blackjack Rufus Bob“In Loving Memory of Blackjack “Rufus” Bob”.  At the time we adopted “Rufus” we already had two cats at home and were not looking to adopt until we saw Blackjack, as we later named him, at the Fairfax Petco.  His story about how he lost one of his back legs touched us and we immediately wanted to take him home.  That was in 2002, since then he was the most loved, spoiled, good-natured, and gentle boy.  He loved sleeping in his “dog” bed, because he was such a big boy.  He loved to be brushed, sit outside on the deck with us, play with “da bird toy”, and be fed delectable table scraps.  We will miss him very much, and so will our other three cats who we have adopted along the way.  Thank you Four Paws for all of your good work with cats that are in need of care and adoptions. Your work is greatly appreciated.  Carla, Greg and Erica Bob   
KojiKoji was adopted on 9 September 1999, when he was about 16 weeks old. He died 8 November 2013, succumbing to sudden renal failure. 
He was a big cat in both body and soul. Everyone that met him instantly took a liking to his social behavior, his talking, and his brilliant wide eyes. More than anyone, though, he loved his daddy. During my divorce and single living, he was my companion. When I started a long distance relationship, he kept me company with his chatter and attention. When my fiancée moved in, he immediately adopted her. 
It’s always hard to let a pet go, and this time was harder than most. His larger than life spirit will always live on. I’ll miss my fuzzy buddy. Patrick 
TookieTookie, you are my favorite grumbly girl. You never met a chicken tender you couldn’t steal and you loved to drink from my water glass. You finally found the perfect (foster) home with a family of three people plus a big goofy golden retriever and a cranky 22 year old cat. You loved my brother-in-law and my nephew much more than me. You stole their hearts and the food off their plates. You were loved by many and will be missed very, very much.  Deena
TortieTorti came to 4Paws on Valentine’s Day 2013 and a week later left behind a trails of broken hearts. She had arrived to a shelter on New Year’s Day as a stray with her fur matted and extremely underweight. She had a rodent ulcer on her tongue but it didn’t stop her from lapping up the food the shelter staff gave her. The shelter ran bloodwork for her and everything checked out fine. After a month and a half at the shelter, she came to 4Paws, after much interest from people interested in fostering her. 4Paws volunteers were optimistic in seeing this 3.7lb sweetie pie put some weight on and see better days, and ultimately find a forever home. Unfortunately, within a week Torti died overnight at the vets office due to multiple organ failure. The time she was left abandoned and neglected on her outside and on her own, had left her in dire condition she could not bounce back from. Rest in peace little angel…many tears were cried for you.        Leslie
MurphyMurphy died in August 2012 at the age of 3-1/2. His family was rescued when he was about 3 months old, and he, his mom, and three of his littermates came to live with me. His mom Maura and sister Mackie were eventually adopted, but Murphy and his brothers Copper and Pepper stayed on. Murphy showed no signs of illness. I woke up one morning with him sleeping on top of me, as usual; we played for a few minutes, as usual; and then when I got out of the shower he was gone. He was a remarkably cheerful guy, always ready to play or snuggle, with a huge purr. Murphy-Smurf, I’m grateful that you spent most of your life with me. I always told you not to be so shy at adoption fairs, because no one else would see how great you were, but then I was always happy to take you home with me again. I’m honored that you made me your person, and I’m trying to remember the lesson you tried to teach me: life is short and precious. Your brothers and I love you and miss you.        Leslie
AceMy littlest kitten, left on the doorstep late one night.
Whose cries woke me before mornings’ light.
So small, so sick, with a broken heart.
I tried to heal you, to love you, but your life was cut short.
No one gave you a chance, but I believed that you were worth saving.
You grew and you learned how to purr.
You played and you knew a full belly.
You were beautiful to me, with ragged brown hair. Not even 2 pounds but with spirit to spare.
Just two months we had, but forever you will touch me.
My littlest kitten, gone to cat heaven.                   Kathleen
BuzzoWe miss you, the kids miss you, and your brother Houdini misses you too. The house isn’t the same without you, and I’m still startled when I turn a corner and you’re not in any of your usual places. You were a gentle giant who let the kids crawl all over you, not complaining once (in fact I think you loved it!) Thanks for being such a good boy. I’m honored that we got to be your “forever home”….I only wish forever had been longer.  Dana
MoMo was a great cat. He was a patient, affectionate, and tolerant guy. He loved his people. We will miss you Mo.   
SandySandy died this morning.  She was a beautiful, silly girl who loved boxes even when they didn’t quite fit and enjoyed chasing her tail.  She greeted everyone who came into the house and was so sweet and affectionate. I will miss her helping me make the bed, waking up with all 11 pounds laying on my chest, hearing her meow like a little lamb.  I will miss those huge eyes and those huge puffy paws and snuggling my face into all that soft fur.  She was only 10.  I can’t believe my little Beanie is gone so soon.  
SuzetteIt is with a heavy heart I want to tell you that I had to put Suzette to sleep on Saturday, December 10, due to some health issues that could not be treated.  I adopted Suzette in February 2007.  She was a great companion to me and had a great personality and loved me unconditionally.  I will miss the way she would come in and wake me up in the morning…jumping on and off the bed until I would get up.  I will also miss the way I used to hold her and she would purr against my neck.  She wasn’t like any other cat I have owned…always wanting to be around people and always wanting to be petted.  It’s quiet here in my apartment now, and I know someday, that I will come back to Four Paws and adopt another cat.  I just need some time to grieve.  Thank you for being there and taking care of all the cats that need rescuing.  I would never have found Suzette!!!  Linda Sue
Miss GinnyMiss Ginny (aka to 4PAWS Cat Rescue as Twi-Lite Motel Kitty) It is with a great deal of sadness, and not a few tears, that I report the passing of Miss Ginny (February 2000 – November 27, 2011). Ginny had been fighting late stage renal failure since early July of this year but Saturday she took a downturn and by late Sunday afternoon it became all too obvious that her time had come. We adopted, or maybe more correctly she picked us, in early November 2000 when we saw her in a PetCo in Herndon, Virginia as part of a cat rescue. Asked for a name we immediately named her Virginia but quickly came to call her Ginny or GinGin. Miss Gin had been rescued by a construction worker who took her in his motel room every night when he came home from work. His only transportation was a Harley motorcycle so when his job was over and it was time to move on he turned her into the 4PAWS Rescue. He never told them what he called her but left his temporary address so the rescue called her Twi-Lite Motel Kitty. Ginny was always there for us from somehow instinctively knowing we’d escaped the 9/11 Pentagon attack to nursing my wife and I through surgeries. While she never had a litter of her own she gladly took on two other rescue kittens, Maxine in 2005 and Tabatha in 2010, and “raised” them. We all will miss her terribly but know she’ll be waiting for us like she always has when we came home. – Randy 
DonovanDonovan had to be one of the sweetest cats ever. He was named for Donovan Leitch, who sang, “Mellow Yellow,” because he was so mellow. He adored anyone who would pet him, and he got along with every other cat he met. I even called him the uncle of one litter of four kittens I fostered because he looked out for them as they grew up. I was honored to have him live with me for over two years. I loved him, and I miss him. – Leslie 
EdnaMy foster baby Edna passed away this week, and it was definitely such a heart wrenching time for me as I was in Florida on vacation when she left this earth!  My other “babies” were with her, and my oldest Sniper was right by her side according to my girlfriend and cat sitter Stephanie!  I didn’t have Edna for very long, and she did not want anything to do with leaving the house for an attempt at an adoption fair, so she settled in, and slowly melded in with my other four babies!  She loved to pounce on my feet when I went in to feed her, and loved to splash about in her water bowl as well.  I will definitely miss her very sweet little gray face and those gorgeous big green eyes, but feel very blessed for the time I had with her for almost two years!   Love You Edna Girlie… Your Foster Mommy, Dawne 
NoelNoel was rescued by a stroke of fate from Spotsylvania shelter when the original cat the group was going to take was not located.  He foster mom and rescuer both instantly feel in love with her and were glad to give her the opportunity to have freedom and love.  She was dainty girl that enjoyed human companionship and just the chance to have a break from the shelter.  She liked to lounge in a cat bed and look out the window and just watch the world go by.  It seemed just as soon as Noel came to us she was gone.  Only a month after coming to 4Paws, Noel passed away under anesthesia on 05/24/2010 when going to the vet for dental surgery for several broken teeth that she had before being rescued.  It was evident that Noel had a hard life before coming to 4Paws.  Even though she wasn’t in our care for very long, we were glad to give her a nice life for a brief period of time before she passed.  Florence
GracieMy beloved foster cat Gracie came to me 2 years ago when she was found in WV as a stray, neglected and alone, with no much hope to hang on too.  4Paws immediately arranged for veterinary care and got her up to the best health possible, with her age and hyperthyroid condition taken into consideration.  During the next 2 years Gracie was overlooked by many potential applicants, that were afraid the commit to this sweet girl, for fear of her not having many more years of life left to share.  There loss was my gain.  Gracie and I have many wonderful memories, lounging on the sofa together, and watching TV.  Gracie loved to sleep next to me every night in bed and boy did she make my cat jealous.  The funny thing is my cats were terrified of this tiny 4 lb cat!  I will never forget the impact Gracie had on me.  She gave me a newfound respect for senior companion animals.  Although Gracie was not my own cat, I loved her as if she were and will always value time we had together. Gracie passed away due to hyperthyroidism on 04/20/2010.  Florence
Mbuna, Betta, & GuppyTo the brave Mbuna, Betta & Guppy – You have left us with wonderful memories, and an emptiness remains in our home without you…Laura & Gloria
BeatriceYour body grew weary, but your spirit never languished. It is this very spirit that we will preserve in our minds and hearts. You filled our home with boundless love and happiness. Whenever you had something to smile about, you would arch your tail to the tip of your head. Your “Happy Tail” indeed brought smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. Your constant chirps for attention will forever be remembered. Your demeanor was sweet, gentle, loving, playful, and cheerful. A radiant spirit with an irresistible manner, your external beauty was equally stunning. With your unique markings and spotted nose, you were beyond adorable. 
Although we shared only a few months, your impact on our lives will last forever. It was difficult to say good-bye and release you from the pain, but our belief is that you now reside peacefully in Heaven. We are thankful for your presence in our lives, and await the day in which we are reunited. You may be absent from our home, but forever in our hearts you remain. BB, we love you and miss you greatly. “Happy Tails” to you…Gloria & Laura
TheaWe were so sad to say goodbye to Thea on Dec 30, 2008. I adopted her from 4Paws (as Teke) in April 1999 and she shared our home for almost 10 years. Thea had been abandoned when her family moved away. She came so far with us, starting as a fearful kitty we couldn’t hold or touch when I fostered her and then adopted her. Over the years, she gradually became a cuddly loving cat who purred constantly and couldn’t get enough attention. Thea liked to be brushed and to sleep in the sunshine. She remained sweet-natured and patient even with all of the medications we had to give her over the last two years. We loved her and will remember her always. We miss you. Sleep well, sweet girl. Joanne & Lance
MaxMaxie cat, my big kitty, you were my constant companion when I was home – waiting outside the bathroom door in the mornings, on my lap in the evenings, sleeping next to me on the pillow, even handing out candy at Halloween. At the slightest touch, you would “chirp” to me. And you weren’t afraid of anything. You had longest hiss I’ve ever heard! I will never forget you. You will remain in my heart forever. Love, Melissa
MidnightMidnight was only in my life for about 18 months before suddenly passing, but he gave and received a lot of love during that time. His favorite ritual was to loudly purr and knead his paws around my neck before settling down in the very same spot right next to my pillow. It won’t be the same without this special kitty curling up every night to sleep right beside me. Love, Deb
KnucklesKnuckles lived a short life, 8 years, but received double the love and returned double the love and was truly the Princess of the House! She is terribly missed. Love, Deb
ElenaThe house is so quiet without my lovely, talky girl. You were such a little Queen, but for all you royal ways, we all loved you so.  Your boys, Zorro and Batman, will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.  Love, Dede & the Kids
GypsyThe space on my lap where you no longer lie, is small in comparison to the space in my heart which is full of sadness. Time may stop the tears, but your memory will be timeless. You were my special boy whose snuggles and kisses melted my heart. ‘Til we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, God Bless. Doff
KatieKatie Bear, we love you and miss you so much. Shadow is there waiting for you and he will show you the way. He took care of you when the two of you were alive and now he is there to help you again. The house is quiet without you. Love, Julie and Rick
AmyOn Wednesday I lost my sweet little Amy to heart failure. Amy came to my house on Dec. 27th 2005 as an elderly foster cat named Lovealark. She quickly became a part of the family and on July 20th, 2006, I officially adopted her. I knew we probably wouldn’t have a long time together but it was much shorter than I ever expected. She had an incredibly strong spirit and was loving, affectionate, and spunky to the end. She was my little muffin and I miss her.  Pam
MandyTo my pretty girl – your vivacious spirit and one-of-a-kind personality touched so many lives – especially mine. You filled my home and heart with joy, and taught me everything I know about unconditional love. I will love and miss you always.  Kelly
ShadowSweet Shadow, four years were not long enough. You brought so much laughter and joy to our lives. You never met a cat, dog or person you didn’t like. We miss you so very much, our Little Thump-Thump.  Julie and Rick
SamsonHe left an indelible mark on our lives and am empty place in our hearts.  Donna & Mike
Princess Margot ZuverShe was my lap cat who followed me all over the house. She would fall asleep with one paw on Chip’s arm. Her favorite game was playing fetch with a crumpled piece of paper. She would greet anyone who came to the house, even the repair man! Her unconditional love and affection were boundless. We love you and miss you, beautiful Margot!  Bridget & Chip
PatrickYou were my little lamb, my heart…I miss you greeting me at the door, your angel face the first thing in the morning, and your warm body next to mine at night. You were taken too soon and we all miss you terribly.  Sleep tight nestled in God’s arms, my little love, until we meet again. Marianne & Brian
FestivaFestiva – the only thing harder in my life than letting you go was seeing 
you suffer from Cancer. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more to help you. You purred for me even through your discomfort. Thank you for being my best friend and for making me so happy. I miss you every day. You’ll always be in my heart and I hope someday we’ll meet again.  Chris
MoOur little black panther – she was small in stature, but she filled our hearts to bursting, and she was indeed a bewhiskered treasure, a black pearl of infinite price.  Belinda & Dave
Pamela“If we measure lives, not in time but in grace, in the joy with which they are lived, and in the love they leave behind, then we have much to learn from you.” Elizabeth
SamsonYou were my Fine Looking Kitty. Deena
ChipWe tried little one, but it wasn’t enough. Go find Zorro, he’ll look after you.
CharlyTo my best friend – nobody was loved more than you. Words can’t describe how much you are loved and missed. Love, Mary
PreciousWe have so many fond memories of you and your sweet little ways. We miss you everyday, but we know that you are in a happier place now. You are forever in our hearts. With love always, Mike and Mary
DallasIn memory of Dallas Scott – I love you Dallas Alice!” From Patti
BatmanWe miss you our big little boy! We will always remember you. Find Zorro – and be together with your brother forever. Alek
GraceI will forever seek her–sleeping in her favorite corner in her favorite bed–and relish/appreciate the three wonderful years we shared. Pam
ZorroOur most favorite boy. Not enough time, we miss you so. Love, your hummom, catmom, and sister.
BusterNovember is Buster’s birthday month (he would have been 10) so this year’s Lindy’s Ark donations drive will be in memory of him.
McFlyMy funny fluffy feral, I’ll never stop looking for you even though I know I’ll never see you again. Silver tabby and I will miss you lots.
Big White BunnyFind Barney, Merlin, and Marble at Rainbow Bridge. Take care of each other.
BarneyI am spreading your ashes over the river so you can have one final swim on your way to rainbow bridge. Patti
LillyYou died a needless death, shame on the one responsible – God help us, I can’t bring you back or take away the suffering you felt. I am terribly, terribly sorry. Loo
Spencer SueEven though your time was near, you never complained and your strong purr did not subside until your final moment. Thank you for sharing your last few weeks with us. You will not be forgotten. Love Tom and Dianna
Bart1981 – 1999, He was my very best friend for so many years – a handsome and social ruddy Abyssinian with a cheerful personality that endeared him to those he met along the way. My fine fellow, your mom Jennie.
Little CowBecause of you, we strive to work harder. Patti
HooverOur Baby Angel who left us too soon. You are forever in my heart, Barbara
MaggieYour struggles are now over, you may rest.
GeorgieTo Georgie … I always called you my littlest angel but I never dreamt I’d lose you. Now there’s a great big hole in my heart where you belong. Sleep well until we meet again. I love you, Mama
HarryYour time with your new mom was short but you gave her many, many happy memories. See Harry’s Place
PepperThe empty place that you left in my heart will never be filled. Thank you for the time that you gave me. I will always love you. Your mommy See Handsome Pepper’s Place
SandyAlthough no longer with them, will forever be found in her family’s hearts.
JerryNo friend was ever truer or more loved. I still miss you every single day.
CognacRob and DeAnna will miss you and all your silly ways.
AlexSave us a place at Rainbow Bridge! We know you are much happier now.
MaxA magnificent, sweet-natured Russian blue cat was born in March 1979 and died October 5, 1997. His owner, Marianne Confalone, misses him terribly.
SallyWho we were unable to save. A special thanks to the doctors and staff at Hayfield Animal Hospital from all of us at 4 Paws for their dedication and compassion.
RockyYou were a handful and a half, and your spirit fills the house to this day. Sweet dreams, little boy.
Orange BoyWe wish that we could have done more to save you. Liz & Bill
KillerYou were cranky and crotchety, but you loved us. Val Sheridan Comer & Family

Our work is a team effort and would mean nothing without the cooperation among our volunteers, adopters, supporters, and veterinarians. We appreciate everything they do to help our cats!