4Paws Rescue Team Volunteer News Adoption Story… 8 Years Later: Winning The Cat Lottery

Adoption Story… 8 Years Later: Winning The Cat Lottery

“Filing the paperwork from my cat’s recent wellness visit, I came across the vet records provided at adoption. This kitty was adopted from 4Paws eight years ago when he was six months old. He was a mess! Here is what was in the vet exam notes: nasal discharge, coughing, ear mites, urinary tract infection, weight loss, vomiting. Bloodwork and radiographs were ordered. The treatment was as follows: Panacur for worms, azithromycin for bacterial infection, FortiFlora to promote normal intestinal microflora, Lycine for herpes, Carafate for stomach ulcers, Vitamin B for the immune system and digestive tract, Cerenia for vomiting, and Metronidazole for protozoal infection such as giardia. I’m not making this up. If you add up the exams, boarding, lab tests and meds, this guy was expensive. My cost? $95 adoption fee. 

This 4 Paws mess of a cat has subsequently lived a healthy, happy life for eight years and counting. It is worth keeping in mind that the story doesn’t end when we say goodbye to our rescues as they leave for their forever homes. These 4Paws lottery winners have a long, healthy, secure, happy life ahead of them. The gift keeps on giving.”

– Volunteer Lynne Fellman’s adoption story of Hobbes (pictured above)