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Volunteer Spotlight: 48 Cats Later…

A volunteer with 4Paws since 2001, Carol and her family have fostered and sent 48 cats and kittens to their new homes. In addition to serving as a foster parent, Carol has been 4Paws’ event planner — coordinating parties for the volunteers as well as organizing and hosting 4Paws’ first yard sale. Of course, all of this is made much easier with the help of her daughter, Alex, and her husband, Wayne. It’s a family effort!

Carol also participates in educational seminars for children to teach them the appropriate handling and treatment of animals. Accompanied by other volunteers as well as Daphne (the family’s 4Paws adoptee—a beautiful tuxedo cat), Carol demonstrates the proper way to approach, handle and groom cats. While Carol and other 4Paws volunteers talk to the kids, Daphne likes to sniff out the tuna sandwiches in the kids’ back packs

“How Can You Give Them Up?”
When others learn that Carol fosters cats, the most frequent inquiry she gets is “How can you give them up?” Carol explains that when you see the huge number of cats needing homes out there and you meet the wonderful adopters, it’s easy. “All they need is time,” Carol says. The cats and kittens need a few weeks in a safe and loving home until that permanent forever home comes along.

Delivering the adopted cats to their new homes is something in which Carol and her daughter, Alex, take delight. It also provides a sense of closure when they can see the home where the cat will be living and meet the family. It also helps to maintain a “Baby Album” featuring photos of all the cats and kittens that they have fostered. Alex says the best is when the adoptive families send photos. Carol proudly states that she has never disliked any of the adoptive families.

Decline in Donations—Decline in Rescued Cats
Carol says that the most disturbing thing she has noticed in the past few years is the decline in donations. “It’s sad to see the effect on the cats. With fewer donations we are forced to decrease the number of cats we can rescue. If we can’t pay the vet bills then we can’t rescue them.”

No Task Too Small
Carol believes that whether you help set up cages, wash bedding, make phone calls or foster cats, it’s all helpful and keeps 4Paws operating and saving feline lives. Completely run by volunteers, the group is heavily dependent on the time and resources of its volunteers. No task is too small!