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Volunteer Spotlight: Sterling Petco Store Volunteer, Nicole O’Hop

I was delighted to start volunteering with 4Paws almost two years ago. Like everyone else at 4Paws, I love cats, always have had cats and wanted to volunteer my time with an organization that was truly dedicated to helping cats find their forever homes. This organization has one of the most dedicated, friendly and responsive teams that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

The mornings that I volunteered in the store were the days that I looked forward to the most. I loved being greeted with great enthusiasm by the current residents as they serenaded me for their breakfast and play time. I loved knowing that I helped make their lives a little better and more comfortable as they waited for their future homes. As much as I loved spending time with the cats, my favorite part was getting the email saying that the ones at the store were going to be adopted. I was happy to give them one last snuggle, some treats and wish them a happy life. 

4Paws alumni- Gisele, who Nicole adopted shortly after she started volunteering with 4Paws.
Nicole decorates the store cages for the holidays.