A Letter from Jillyboo's and Jujubee's Mom

Jillyboo and Jujubee

Dear 4Paws,

Hi. It has been a while since I have been in touch but I wanted to send a quick note to thank you all again for your help to adopt these wonderful kittens. Their names are now Jillyboo (Berlioz) and Jujubee (Marie). They are named after Skippy Jon Jones' sisters in the children's book series of the same name which my family has always enjoyed.

They have the run of the house at this point with no problems or accidents, so whatever was going on, whether physical or psychological, seems to have passed.
Attached is a picture of them together on my messy desk. They cuddle somewhere together for a bit of each day, often where I am working. Additionally, our old cat, who has often visited family where other cats live but has never prior in his 17 years shared his home, has decided that cuddling with another feline isn't that horrible.

Jillyboo shares the dog's bed with the dog almost every day. Jujubee likes to jump up and bounce off the dog though I've not quite caught a picture of that yet. They run to visit and for pats when we call to them and spend time chasing drips in the bath tub every chance they get. They bring us joy and make us laugh and cuddle with us when they are tired.

We are delighted to have them in our lives and hope that they are equally as pleased.

Best wishes and thank you for what you do for so many kitties,