A Letter from Boots' Mom


Hi there - just wanted to tell Mary and Mike how much we love Boots

When Boots came to live with us we had a bit of an "old folks retirement home" going on, but since then we've rescued another cat and dog from the Fairfax Pound and the Washington Animal Rescue League. So our roster is 3 cats and 2 dogs, ages 3 to 18, all of whom actually like each other and like hanging out together. Boots is thriving - continues to love his scratching post and sleeping in our bed, and continues to amaze us by trying to curl up next to each of our 80 pound dogs. They can't quite believe their good fortune at having a cat who wants to snuggle with them - they are both very cat-gentle, so they love having Boots (and Monster, our other dog-loving recent adoptee) to play with.

Thanks again for saving Boots for us.

Carolyn R.