A Letter from Brandy's Dad


Dear 4 Paws,

This is just to let you know that Brandy, the cat I adopted from your organization back in October of 2000, is happy (I think!), healthy, and still going strong at the age of twelve. I should mention that she is now "Miss Brandy".

We moved to Annapolis a year ago, first to an apartment and then to a house early last summer, and I think Brandy has really appreciated the south-facing windows and sunshine that each has provided - she sun bathes, shifting rooms and positions as the sun moves across the sky. Her favorite place, though, is the bowl on the kitchen table (see enclosed photo), which she has made into her cat bed (we've negotiated a deal where she can go on the kitchen table just so long as she gets in her bowl and stays there).

Hope things are well with you and your organization, and best wishes for the New Year!

R. K.