A Letter from Bridget's Dad


Hi!  I wanted to share a 4 Paws Rescue Story that took almost two years to make possible.

About four years ago a four year old spayed and scared tabby named Bridget was in a cage at the Laurel, MD Petco.  Her index card said "I'm sweet and shy - be gentle with me" and "Humans were mean to me".  I visited the store each week and liked to be a "foster human" to give the cats some personal contact.  That week I wanted to hold Bridget and was told "good luck - nobody has been able to hold her."  I opened the cage and "introduced myself", letting her sniff and waiting for the right time to bring her out.  I sat on the floor and held her in my lap, spoke very softly to her and she purred the deepest purr as I scratched her tabby "M".  Despite having four other cats, I just had to find room for Bridget!

When she joined her "forever home" she avoided all contact with cat or human, preferring to stay under my bed and feeding late at night.  We waited almost a year, when suddenly we found Bridget climbing on top of my bed.  Today, although only my wife can pick her up, she always hops on my bed each night to tuck under my arm and purr, then sleeps at our feet for the night.

Thanks for helping us add Bridget to our family,