A Letter from Buster's Mom


Hi -

Just thought I would send you an update - Hanzi (AKA Buster - or Bubba) is doing fine. Our older female doesn't like him much, but she is learning to live with him. Our younger female is a bit subsurvient to him, but they do tend to seek out each others company. All in all, there is peace in the valley. I have attached a photo - I was trying to get a good picture of him in his natural state - upside down with all four legs in a different direction. If I get one I will send it along. We took him to the vet after we got him - he needed 5 teeth extracted, but he was just back for a check up last week. His gum disease is completely gone and he has gained 2 pounds since he came to us. Please let Wendy know that he is healthy and happy.