A Letter from Chelsea's Mom


Hi --

I just wanted to let you know how we're getting along! In short -- WONDERFULLY.

She's gotten settled around the house, has her favorite window to look out, has her favorite sofa to sleep on... We've had great fun playing with the strip of polarfleece toy (a long piece of polarfleece on a stick, which is tremendous fun to wave around and chase!), "catfishing," with the catnip fish on a cord at the end of a stick, and playing "sheet mice," where she attacks my fingers under the covers in the bed. She's got a great little deal going in my home office, where she'll hop up on the desk behind me and make a little mrap sound to get me to turn around and be the human bridge -- she steps down onto my lap, and then I turn back to my computer desk, and she helps type or walks around the computer desk. We have a lot of purrfests while she's crossing the human bridge. I've also got a stack of boxes near a high window in that office, and she likes to sit up on those and sun herself while I'm working at home.

We worked on the name a little bit -- as I'm sure you knew, she didn't really answer to Chelsea. In fact, she is the least English-speaking cat I've ever known -- "dinner," "here kitty kitty" -- these all seemed completely foreign to her! I was thinking about possible names, and came across some Irish ones, and one just stuck. According to this list, Riley is an Irish woman's name that means "Queen." It really seemed to suit her, AND she started answering to it almost immediately. So she's got a new collar and tag with her exciting new name and is taking to them nicely!

We had one little incident -- she blasted past me, as I was coming in from the back yard. She'd been eyeing the birds most of hte morning, and really really really wanted to go dispatch them, and OOOH she was mad when I tried to get he to come back in. The yard is fenced, so I wasn't TOO terribly worried, so I waited for her to chill out a little bit, and then I snagged her. She didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. A bag full of cat toys later, she knows who's in charge (that would be her), I've got "sucker for that cat" tattoed on my forehead, and everything is good.

But other than that one little incident, we've been getting along FAMOUSLY. I tell you, it was like it was planned, somehow. It's only been what, about a month? And it's a special bond already. She sometimes wakes me up by getting on my chest while I'm asleep, and I wake up to her lying up my tummy, her little paws crossed and her chin resting on them waiting for me to wake up and scratch her. It's adorable. I can't imagine NOT having her there now.

So that's the news here. Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement. I'm so glad to have her living with me!