A Letter from Clemmy's and Zelda's Mom to their former 4Paws Foster Mom

Clemmy and Zelda

Happy New Year!

I took this picture a few minutes ago of Clementine and Zelda warming their tummies by the fire and thought I'd send it along with a hello from the 3 of us.  We're very happy together.  Sometimes I catch the 2 of them sleeping in the same cat bet together (the one under the ottoman is still the favorite).  I still wake up to noise of the morning mayhem and worry a little that they really are attacking each other but I saw Zelda licking Cee's head (Cee often likes Zee) the other day so I was reassured that they really are sisters.

My responsibilities at work have changed and I don't have to be on the road nearly as much.  The best part of that is not having to leave my girls who never miss a chance to make me laugh.  Zee follows me around the house and a few minutes later Cee comes running to be with us.  I just wanted to let you know that we are definitely 3 BFF's.

Thank you again for taking care of them and loving them enough to let me bring them home.  

RB, Cee and Zee