A Letter from Cosentino's Mom


Hi 4 Paws Family,

Itís me Cosentino, Cozy T for short (formerly Marley)... I am the one on the bookshelf. With so many names, a boy can get a little confused. As you can see I am adjusting well with my new tabby brothers, Twomey (lying) and Peju (sitting). Mommy and daddy named us all after their favorite vineyards in Napa Valley. Mommy was originally calling us the Orangecicles, but now she calls us the Tricycle when talking to daddy.

It has been only a few weeks and my tabby brothers are showing me all the naughty things I can get into around the house. I have adjusted well, but I will never forget the love and care I received from my 4 Paws family. I especially miss my foster mommy, Dee Dee.

I just wanted to drop a note to let you that my new family has passed the test and I will keep them. I feel loved, safe and warmÖ even when I wake them up at 6:00 am for a little meow chat.


Cosentino, Anngia & Carter