A Letter from Emma's Parents


Dear Four Paws,

I thought you'd like to know how Emma is doing. She is Phillip's mother and when I learned she was available I hoped they could be company for each other. However, they seemed to have forgotten their relationship. She growled every time he got near her and he chased and frightened her every chance he got. She was spending most of her life under the bed. After several weeks she began to venture out.....and of course the places she liked to sit were his favorites. I got more of those little donut beds and eventually she started spending more time out from under the bed. They continued the growling, hissing and chasing, I wasn't sure it would ever stop.

Slowly, they have become friends. Emma is a sweet, sweet kitty whose greatest pleasure is having her tummy rubbed and she has taken up a post on the front-hall landing where she can watch what's happening all day. I'm happy to report that they are now getting along just fine. Phillip has lots of funny habits...she obviously taught him to scoop water from his bowl and wash his feet after dinner. Fun to watch! We adore them both and they have greatly enhanced our lives. Many thanks to all the 4 Paws volunteers who fed, nursed, worried about, and took care of them. We are so delighted to have been the lucky ones to adopt them both!

Pat and Yvonne F