A Letter from George's Mom


Dear Four Paws,

Our experience with 4Paws was top notch. Part of the reason we got George was to give our younger cat Kramer someone to play with so he'd leave our older kitty Nikki, who is about 16, alone. Everyone we talked to listened to what our specific situation was (trying to distract Kramer from Nikki) and they did a fantastic job of steering us to those cats that had personalities that would fit in best with Kramer. They got it absolutely right. They were always available for those first critical few days, which really were super easy - George fit right in from the beginning!

George is wonderful! He and Kramer horse around quite a lot. Sometimes it sounds like the house might come down when they get really serious about it. George also seems to love purple! He has a purple blanky that he loves to lay on and do his paws up and down, and we also have a purple fabric grocery bag, that he gravitates to and lays on. We've given up using it, and it just stays in the living room for him to sleep on. He is slowly becoming quite the love cat (on his time, of course) and we are truly so so so glad that we got him.
George is a great addition to our family and we love him!

Thank you so much for everything you do!

Sherri and Robin