A Letter from Ginger Snap's Family

Ginger Snap

Dear 4Paws

I’ve wanted to write for 5 or 6 weeks about Ginger Snap, but was on an extended assignment at work which left me no spare time.  The good news is that Ginger Snap has made herself quite at home here and we just love having her! 
During September she became quite comfortable in the entire lower level of the house.  We introduced her and our first cat Rabby and all has gone smoothly with that.  They’re both shy cats, so they’ve been watching each other a lot from a distance over the past two months.  Still to date they’re cautious around each other, but have become more and more comfortable.  They’ve gotten to the point though where they’ve touched noses and walked close to each other.  Both will come up to me at the same time for some petting; one will get on one side and one on the other.  They also now eat near each other without any problem.  They’ve just recently begun to chase each other in a playful way.
In October, my father came to visit and took over the guest room for a few days.  That was the room Ginger was staying in.  This was just what Ginger needed to get her to explore more of the house.  She followed me to the upper bedroom level and fell in love with my bedroom.  Since that time she spends a lot of her daytime hours there and sleeps with us now every night!  Since my work assignment ended two weeks ago and I’m back to being home many of the days, Ginger follows me around like a puppy.  It’s very cute.  Whatever room I’m working in, she’ll come there and find a place to curl up and sleep.  Again, we just love having her here.
We tried to clip her claws two weeks ago.  That was a challenge.  We didn’t pick her up as you told us she didn’t like that.  (To date, we haven’t picked her up for any reason.  She loves being petted and brushed, but not lifted.)  We only got about three claws clipped on each of her front paws when we decided that we needed to stop and let her calm down.  We’ll try again soon, but if you have any advice, please let me know.  I don’t know how you ever got her in the car carrier to take her to the pet store.  I foresee a challenge there when it’s time to take her to the vet.
I’ve attached a few pictures of her.  Also, we did receive our copy of the adoption agreement and her vet records.  Thank you.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  We’re thankful that Ginger Snap is with us now. 
Susan and family