A Letter from Jackie in his New Home


Hi Guys,  

Thought I'd drop a line to all my buddies to let you know about my last 24 hours.  WOW.   Lots of changes going on in my life, but I think its going to be all good.  My new human lady took me for a short ride in a car and brought me home to a new house.  She had set up a fancy litter box and some food and water in a bathroom attached to a bedroom.  She opened my carrier and let me explore the bathroom.  First, I checked out the litter box facilities.  Hmmm. Acceptable, I think.   Then I sniffed around the bathroom, inspected the bathtub, checked out the food and then immediately wanted to see the rest of the bedroom. I did a perimeter check around the whole room and under the bed (twice).  Then I settled on a cozy spot on top of a plastic box under the bed and just chilled for a while.  I came out a couple of times to get loved on and chase a laser pointer (thank goodness they have one of those. SWEET!).  After a while two smaller human boys came in and I chased the pointer with them.  They giggled a lot.  Crazy kids.  That older human guy actually really likes me. (what's not to like?)  

When the humans went to sleep, they had me stay in the bathroom area where they put my bed. I could hear a dog out in the bedroom, but that didn't seem to be a big deal.  This was all fine and good until about 430 this morning.  Then I decided I had quite enough of being in the little room.  I wanted back in that bedroom NOW.  I got the lady's attention and she came and sat with me mumbling that it was really only 330 and she looked tired, but she loved on me a lot and let me get in her lap, so I didn't care.  About 45 minutes later that human man decided he wanted to take a shower (the nerve!) so he put the dog in a crate and set my litter box and me outside the bathroom.  (there's a nice wall between me and the dog crate).  I wondered over and looked at the dog and just laid there, so the man took a shower.  The poor tired lady fell back to sleep.  About 7am the dog barked and woke the lady up. It did scare me some too.  She jumped up and scolded the dog in the crate (That dog is such a wimp!) and saw me (I must confess, that barking thing unnerved me a bit)  She picked me up and took me back to the bathroom.  Come to find out that human man misunderstood that he was supposed to put me right back.  *sigh*  I'd say something about MEN, but I'm one, so I won't.  The poor tired lady loved on me and sat with me in the bathroom, but I HATED that door being closed, so she finally opened it.  I meandered in and out (I cant see the dog from there because of the wall) and was much happier.  I settled in a cozy spot between the wall and the litter box and fell asleep.  The lady went back muttering something about how she'll never understand why animals would rather sleep on the floor rather than the bed she set out (hee hee, always keep'em guessing, I say!)  She should talk,  She went back and slept on the floor beside the dog crate in case I wandered out of the bathroom so I wouldn't feel unsafe, but I'm smart.  I stayed put.   

Today has been relaxing.  The dog disappeared downstairs and I've been sleeping.  I have explored a little more and have settled on a spot under the bed where I can see the lady typing on the computer.  The rest of the humans went to a baseball clinic and the dog is asleep, so its pretty peaceful.  She can see me playing with the shoe string on the mans shoe under the bed.  As for me, I'm a guy, so I'm glad he didn't put his shoes away like he's supposed to.  I'm going to send some pictures.  The lady's AOL account will only let me send a few pictures at a time, so i will probably send you a couple of emails.  

Keep in touch.  I'll let you know how things are going. So far, so good!  Much love to all, especially my first mom.  Say hi to the gang for me!  

Love, Jackie