A Letter from Jasper's Mom & Dad


To the Angels who rescued our Jasper from West VA (adopted January 2010):

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our dear Jasper (much overdue).  He's blossomed into the most talkative cat in the house. He spends his days playing with his big brothers, cuddling with mom and dad (on his terms), and playing in the office (aka kitty playroom).  He has picked up some odd kitty behaviors from his brothers (sweeping, washing his paws in the fountain, and laying stretched out on his back).  He is one of the smartest, sweetest kitties we have ever met.  He understands plenty of human speak, and will even pick food up with his paw and put it in his mouth on rare occasion. We're pretty sure he's a kitty-genius.

Just wanted to share & say thanks,

Cassandra & Cory