A Letter from Jellybean and Licorice to their former 4Paws Foster Mom

Jellybean and Licorice

Hi --

You might remember us - Jellybean and Licorice - 2 all-black kitten brothers who stayed with you and were adopted in late February 2006.  Our parents, Rob and Lynn, have been meaning to write for quite a while -- especially on our 1 year adoption anniversary which recently passed -- but they keep forgetting since they're expecting a new baby this summer and have lots to do. We're all excited about the baby coming and we look forward to playing with it and being spoiled all over again because no one will forget the first "grandcats".

Bean and I love to chase one another, wrestle, climb bookcases, chase string and hide in the closet. We have LOTS of friends in our condo building here in DC. Everyone knows us. There are so many cat-lovers here that we get tons of attention.

We even have a girlfriend cat named "Miss Prufrock" who we get to play with every night. She lives down the hall on our floor and meows for us from under her door. We also have 2 dog-buddies, a super-cool seeing-eye black lab named "Debbie" and a Welsh terrier named "Reese".  We love to rub up against them and sniff their muddy feet since we aren't allowed to go outside and play. Bean is more shy than me. I sometimes get in trouble for running away from my mom because I love to hang out near the mailboxes in the lobby to say hello to people and get petted then run down to Miss Prufrock's apt. and hide under the bed.

Here are some photos of us. Can you believe how big we are? We are 1 yr. & 8 mos. old now. Bean has brown eyes and I have more green eyes. Bean is bigger than me, but I'm faster. Bean had a hurt right leg when we were adopted but it didn't slow him down much.

We both love to watch the birds and squirrels in our park from the sitting windows and to lay in the sun. We also love to sleep with our parents and cuddle and purr. Bean loves tuna best, but I love ice cubes and green peas -- they're fun to swat and delicious - much better than tuna!

So that's all of our news. We wanted to say hello and also say "thank you" again for taking care of us as babies. Our family is doing well and are very happy. Hope you and yours are doing well too.

Purrs & licks,
Licky & Bean