A Letter from Knuckles' Mom


Dear Julie (from 4 Paws),

It was great talking to you yesterday! I love to tell the Knuckles story. Here are the before and after photos and an extra after photo thrown in for fun. Her name is Knuckles because they thought she was a boy when she was born. Turns out she was so little, she had to muscle her way through a bunch of other kitties to get to the food bowl, therefore, she earned the name! She knows her name so we kept it.

We adopted Knuckles in November 2001 within days of finding out that our nearly 11 year old cat, Bonus, had had a bad reaction to his distemper shot. He was 11 the day before Thanksgiving and died the day after Thanksgiving. Now you can see why Knuckles coming into our lives at that time was nothing short of "the man upstairs" looking after us. There is definitely a reason for everything.

We adopted Knuckles after knowing that she required twice daily eye ointment her entire life. She was born without complete eyelids. Different surgery techniques were suggested to correct the problem. We selected one and now she is perfectly beautiful, healthy, and has the personality to match. After all of the visits to the vet, you would think that Knuckles would hate me but she must have known that what I was doing was helping her because she is totally devoted to me. Follows me around like a dog would, shares my pillow and even comes when she's called. She nudges her brush when she wants to be bushed, which is all the time.

My Mom adopted Knuckles' sister, Maxie. Maxie has odd looking eyes but doesn't require medication or surgery. Maxie is a great companion for her.

I hope this story will inspire other people to adopt. There's no greater joy than knowing you have "saved" a kitty and the reqrds are tremendous!

Thanks for letting me share our happiness,