A Letter from Little Girl's Parents

Little Girl

To the wonderful volunteers of 4 Paws Rescue, Barbara, Jeanie, Tracy, and everyone else at this wonderful organization,

I just wanted to thank you all for your help and assistance with the adoption of "Little Girl". Both my husband and I are thrilled to have her. She is a wonderful cat who brings us a lot of joy and happiness. You all do such a great job with these cats and kittens, they are obviously well cared for and very adoptable. Our other two cats are not so thrilled, however, but "Little Girl" has let them know that she is here to stay. It has only been four weeks, but it seems like she has been with us longer.

Her preferred sleeping space is on the dining room table. I bought her a bed, but she is not much interested in it. The dining room table and my old rocking chair seem to be her favorite places. My husband, Michael, now has his own Petco card and is always bringing home some new toy for her. She does love to play. Our other two cats are 8 and do not play much. But who knows, maybe they will eventually.

Thank you again for getting the vet records to me so quickly, and thank you, Tracy, for giving me some background for our "Little Girl". She is adjusting extremely well and we look forward to many years with her. Thank you again.

Pam and Mike