A Letter from Manifesto's Parents

Manifesto & MadisonManifesto

Dear 4 Paws,

We adopted Manifesto, aka Festo or Fatso, in January 2002. He was six, almost seven years old. Although it's not been quite a year yet, I can't remember a time when he wasn't here. We were dog people, and it was because of our two dogs that I was at the Alexandria Petco the day I saw my (not so) little Fatso. I knew instantly that he was supposed to come home with us. Luckily, my husband agreed after Festo snuggled up to him through the cage.

Despite my coaxing, Festo hid under the couch until I let the dogs back inside for introductions. As soon as Madison poked her nose around the corner, Festo came right out. They've been the best of friends ever since.

Festo is our special buddy. He's very social and vocal. He loves to cuddle. He sleeps forehead-to-forehead with me every night. Because Festo has worn a permanent grove on my husband's lap, my husband calls him the "leg nummer." He also loves to cuddle with his sister, Madison. Although he and his sister, Kiana, usually ignore each other, he periodically tries to win her over.

He's changed all of our negative perceptions about cats. He's sweet and cuddly, but also playful. There's not a snobby bone in his body. There's no part of his body that he doesn't love rubbed. He doesn't get on the counters or tables or into anything. He greets us at the stairs when we come home everyday. He does not like the outside and won't go near the door (thankfully). He comes when you call him. He loves dogs. He loves us. We love him. What more can you ask for?

Thanks again for allowing Manifesto to brighten our lives!

Buzz and Brandy
Kiana (grudgingly) and Madison