A Letter from Mitsey's & Newton's Mom


Dear 4 Paws,

Enjoying the view from my kitchen window this past Sunday -- thought you would like to see the "kids" and the changes, especially with Little Mitsey; doesn't she look great? She is getting more spoiled by the minute! I feed Newton first in the morning and then when Little Mitsey comes to the kitchen, I get ready to set her bowl down - nothing doing! She trots her little self into the living room, jumps in her little bed and waits for me to bring her bowl to HER!! Adds new meaning to "breakfast in bed" I guess! (ha ha) Don't mind doing that though - it assures me she is getting enough to eat and that Newton doesn't scarf it all up.

Mitsey and Newton wanted me to be sure and tell you both that they are very happy, purring up a storm and are looking forward to the day when you can come and visit!

Will continue to keep you updated -- Claire