A Letter from Nii-Nii's Mom


Dear Four Paws,

Hello, this is Nii-Nii's owner, Olivia. I'm going to write out a little story in this e-mail. I'm not sure if there are too many pictures, but if there are just choose the best ones (though that's going to be tough, because he's adorable!!!). 
Let me start before I got him. I was with a friend coming back from dinner when his dad randomly asked if we wanted to see the pets in Petco. We went in and I looked at every animal there, lizards, turtles, hamsters. Then came the cats. I talked with every one, though most of them were uninterested in me. It was bed time for them. But one of the cats got out of bed and came to greet me with the cutest meow I've ever heard. I read his tag and got to know him a bit. Before I knew it I was sitting on the ground petting him and talking to him. When it came time to leave I felt like I couldn't. Unfortunately I had to be home by a certain time and so I left  I begged my mom to get him. It wouldn't be that easy though. I convinced her enough to let me go back day after day to see him, I was afraid that he'd be adopted by someone else because he was so darn cute, but he was always there. I noticed that he began to recognize me and he'd stop whatever he was doing and come to see me at the edge of his cage. Finally, after a week or so of begging and pleading we finally set to adopt Junebug/Guy Noir. I'd already figured out a name: Nii-Nii. I'd recently been watching this show and in it this girl calls her brother Nii-Nii (In Japanese brother is Onii-san, so she's taking out the honorifics). I thought it would be perfect for him since I wanted to protect him and love him just like the girl's brother did for her.
My mom decided it would be best if Nii-Nii were to stay with me in my room for two weeks to build a relationship, and also to keep Nii-Nii and Duchess (the meanie cat we have) apart. We bonded and played together everyday. I took so many photos and even more videos it's insane. He began to let me pick him up and he slept with me every night. He just loves to cuddle. He's the most curious cutie I know. In fact he just came to cuddle with me as I'm typing this. Though his breath may stink I'd let him kiss me any day. (He used to be so curious about my computer and used to walk right on the keyboard when I was typing.
After some discussion we decided that it was best for the youngen Nii-Nii to have more space to run around (he was keeping me up all night playing with my feet and jumping on me). Duchess didn't really like anybody for long, and she seemed to like being alone so we set up a room for her to be in and she's much calmer and sweeter now, she even lets me pet her.
Let me explain to you how cute he is. He loves boxes (he sits in them, crawls inside of the big ones with foam and sleeps in them). He loves sinks (he didn't know what the drain was so he was playing with it and then he slipped in). He's the cutest sleeper ever. And just look at that face. He loves me so much he even tried to come to school with me.


Age: One Year and a few months

Gender: Male (though he's so cute it's almost feminine [my friend jokes that he's gender-confused])

Hobbies: Anything to do with boxes, playing with water; splashing it everywhere rather than drinking it, spazzing out over absolutely nothing (when he's excited he'll run into the living room and then stop and then zoom out like he's running from something), playing and winning, sleeping, sitting in bags, watching animals outside, and eating mayo from his nose.

Dislikes: Touching his stomach (he will grab your hand and play rough, very rough), being held often.