A Letter from Nikko's Mom


Dear 4Paws,

Nikko is simply beautiful, I adopted him in June 2004 when he was just about a year old. It was love at first site for me when I first saw him. Actually my dad found him in the process if trying to get dog food, and then he told my mom and she went over to see him and then I did. This all happened over a 3 day period of time. But it seemed to be fate from the beginning.

When I went over there to see him knowing I would want to take him home, he wasn’t in his cage…hmmm. Needless to say I was disappointed thinking he was taken already. I asked the closest store person for help and they said he was adopted. Then I was heartbroken and stood there for quite some time staring at his empty cage feeling as if my chin felt like it hit the floor. Finally some nice lady named Nancy walks in with a cat cage and I’m thinking it’s a new cat. I asked her “Do you know when or who adopted Bobsled? “And she said he’s right here, he wasn’t adopted he went too an adoption fair. It felt as if my body was elevated off the floor with this news. I told Nancy I came for him and wish to fill out adoption papers immediately.

Waiting to take him home was hard, but I understood and appreciated the process they took to make sure he had a good home. I thought it would take a week and it was more like 3 days so I was so excited to here the news. Anyway, it took some time for him to adjust which I expected for I have rescued cats before.

Nikko is very vocal as they told me. I like that he talks a lot and lets me know he’s there. The first thing he did when we brought him home was explore and sniff everything. When I say everything, I mean everything even a nail in the wall on top of the china cabinet. I showed him where to find his box and food and try to let him adjust before trying to hole him for he didn’t seem to want to be still at first. For the longest time he slept out on the couch and has now adjusted to the bedroom. I waited and tried for a while to let him know it was OK to sleep on the bed, but think it just took time for him to adjust.

His favorite thing is to run down the hall which then slides down the hall. He also likes to jump on my back as I lean over the sink to do anything. Nikko goes to bed when I do and gets up when I do, its like being with another person. I notice as I brush my teeth before I go to bed he paces the floor between the bathroom and the bedroom “meow, meow, meow” as if to say its time to go to bed and he won't go until I do.

Every time I see him or anyone else greets him he lays down and rolls over to stretch so you can see how long he is. He also likes his climbing post by the window to lay in the sun and stare at birds and squirrels. He has grown a bit which I expected and is healthy, happy and loved in bunches. My parents pay visits to him when I am at work. They have grown attached as well which is good for my dad because he just lost a 17 year old Siamese to kidney failure so Nikko is therapy for him.

Nikko doesn’t mind being held like a baby (on his back), I found that most cats don’t like this. Of course you must scratch him behind the ears at all times. We are both happy.  Thanks to 4Paws for all that they do and for the pleasant adoption experience. Thanks also to Julie for calling and telling me that you can send letters to update and attach photos for happy endings on the web : )

Nikko’s Mommy