A Letter from Pecan's Mom


Holiday Greetings!

It's been two months since we adopted Pecan, who has since been renamed Rosalyn, but answers to a variety of pet names! She is a joy to us! As you can see by one of the pictures I've attached, she gets along quite well with her sister Suzy. Suzy is a rescue from the Lousia County Humane Society, where I met Pecan for the first time. Suzy has been busy teaching Rosy to hunt her kitty toys--of which they have many! Rosy is very affectionate and loves to give us kisses.

Many thanks to all of you folks at fourpaws, especially Ginny and her daughter, the foster Moms to Rosy. Thanks again!!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you wonderful folks!

Patti, Howard, Suzy and Rosy