A Letter from Pennywise's Mom


Hi -

He's doing great! And get this...we actually call him Penny too because it's easiest! He has full reign of the house now. :) Although he rarely comes to the basement unless it's quiet and the boys are in bed and we are watching a movie. Believe it or not he's actually used to the baby. He will come right up to the baby and brush up against him. The only time he'll run away is when Milo (the baby) squeals really loud when he's excited to see the cat. But my guess is Penny recognizes him as a slow moving target...not too much of a threat...just annoying. haha!

The boys are enamored by him still. He usually naps on my oldest son's bed and then on their window sill at night. In fact we had some friends over who wanted to see the cat over Christmas break and the boys were incredibly protective, telling everybody to be quiet and walk slowly! And afterward they told me not to invite the 4 year girl back over because she was too hyper near Pennywise. lol!

Penny does take his collar off now and again at night. We'll find it in the morning. I'm not sure if he likes the bell. But this last time, the bell popped off so maybe he'll like it. :) But I'm going to set up an appointment for him to get a chip the first week in February. I just didn't want to do it right away so he could get used to us a bit.

He's such a good cat! So gentle and affectionate. Thank you for approving us!