A Letter from Percival

Percival & Pixie

Dear 4 Paws,

My new sister Pixie and I are happily settling into our new home with our new Dad. All is going well. We enjoy sleeping all day and causing havoc around the house when Dad is at work. He doesn't seem to mind the paw prints on the coffee table, items atop his tables pushed over, or paper towel rolled out and torn across the kitchen floor... if anything, he seems to encourage it leaving toys and goodies for us to find hidden in little corners of the house when he's out!

Our Dad must love us very much because even after seeing the state affairs when he returns home, he feeds us delicious Eukanuba wet food and takes time to pet and play with us. Pixie says I'm eating too much, but I can't help it if she can't finish her own food. I don't think Dad would want us to waste any of it anyways.

I hope all our friends and family members are doing as well as we are.  Pixie says to let her brothers and sisters know that she's very happy and misses them. We both are getting all the love and attention we could hope, and have plenty of space to run around in the middle of the night to play. Perhaps they could come over for a visit one of these days, I know Dad would go out of his way to make them feel welcomed. If they're lucky, Dad might even do a neat trick where he's able to make a little red laser light appear. Pixie and I could use all the help in trying to figure out how to catch it.


Percival (BC)