A Letter from Cheeky Pete's Moms


Dear 4 Paws,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that Pete is doing just fine. He took over the house instantly. We kept him in a "safe room" for all of one day, as he chose to explore. He was here, he was there, he was climbing up my curtains within minutes! ; )

He is getting along fine with our other cat, Layla (they spend a lot of time checking each other out, but neither is willing to make a friend just yet) and looks to Jack as his best friend. They play all the time. In fact, the first day he was here, he and Jack passed out together -- head to head -- on the couch.

He curls up in both our laps at night, and is quite happy to stay there for as long as we are willing to sit quiet. Not quite sure where he has been sleeping -- we keep putting him in our bed and jacks -- but I figure he'll get to that in time.

I have to thank you for his wonderful disposition. He is really a great guy with tons of personality, and, as you said, not an ounce of meanness. thank you also for all the toys and the scratching post. He is very happy to have something familiar. I keep putting on my best English accent when I call him, to make him feel at home, but don't think I'm fooling him.

Will send you more photos as he grows. Thanks again for such a great kitty.


Oops - see PS. (webmaster)

PS.  Cheeky Pete turned out to be a GIRL!!  We are now calling HER Cheeky - She will be spayed on Wednesday. - Heather & Matt

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