A Letter from Puss and Boots (and their Mom)

Puss and Boots

Dear 4 Paws,

When we were first introduced to our Mommy and Daddy in April, 2001 at a PetCo in Herndon, VA, we were called “Hansel” and “Gretel”. We were both so eager to be held and cuddled. We promised to be good to our new parents on the very first day, and after three years we are still (mostly) good kitties to our parents. We love our new house in Pennsylvania. We have a screened-in sun porch where we can breathe the warm, outside air and watch birds and squirrels, but are still inside. There are lots of windows in our house where we can watch all of the wildlife from indoors. We get to watch squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and sometimes groundhogs (although Mommy doesn’t like the groundhogs much). One of our favorite things to do is roll around in a sunny spot on the carpet in the afternoons, especially on a warm day. We also love to run around and play with our toys, which Mommy buys pretty often for us so that we don’t get bored because kitties like us love some variety. When we get tired, sometimes we like to lie around and bathe each other. Anyway, now that we’re three years old, we figured we were old enough to tell you that we’re doing just great and we love Mommy Colleen and Daddy Joe very much. Oh! We almost forgot. Here are some pictures of what we look like now that we’re older! The first one is of both of us bathing each other while we look out the window. The other one is both of us looking cute in our favorite sunny spot in the family room.


Puss and Boots
(with help from Mommy Colleen)