A Letter from Sadie's Mom


Dear 4 Paws,

Sadie is doing great with us. My son and I love her very much. She is so attached to us that she loves to sit on our laps every night and she likes us to hold her, pat her, comb her and talk to her. She shows us many beautiful and elegant poses and give us happy purrs. She won't let us do anything without paying attention to her. She has to share the chair with my son when we have dinner. She always sits on our books, newspaper or even computer keyboard so I can not do my reading and my son can not do his homework. She begs our attention: please don't look at those boring stuff, look at my charming and happy face. She is actively involved in all my son's activities: looking at my son playing games, listening my son playing violin, playing and hiding the parts that my son uses for his projects. She follows us upstairs and downstairs every time. She sleeps in her little bed in my bedroom. The sock you gave her is really her "security blanket". She carries it to the side of her little bed every night and carries it to the kitchen every morning where she spends most of her day time when we are not at home. She lives peacefully and friendly with our birds and fish. She eats well. We feed her a couple of treats every night and hairball every weekend. We took her to the Vet for annual check-up at the end of Feb. The Vet gave her a shot (I don't know what the shot was, the Vet told me she was due for the shot). The Vet said she is healthy and happy. Sadie has brought us a lot of joys and we always share a lot of fun stories about her with my friends when they visit us.

Thanks for giving us such a great cat and we can assure you that Sadie will be with us for the rest of her life.