A Letter from Serafina's Parents


Dear 4 Paws,

Late August 2004, we stopped at the nearby Petco to pick up food for our 2 cats. One of the cats up for adoption that day was a large gray cat sleeping in one of the cages. The sign said her name was Missy, that she had come to Four Paws after her owner had died, and that she was 5yo. We always feel sorry for the older kitties, since we know it takes longer to find them a home. Kurt said this cat had the softest fur of any cat he'd ever touched.  He decided he wanted to adopt her.

We had talked about getting a third cat and so the next week was spent discussing adding Missy to our household and how our 13 yo and 15 yo cats were likely to take the new addition. In the end we decided to go for it. We went to the next 4 Paws adoption event and the volunteers there became quite excited when my husband informed them that it was Missy we wanted (apparently she had been there at least 5 months and they were worried no one would ever adopt her). We picked her up about a week later and brought her to her new home. A new life deserves a new name, so she became Serafina Pekalla.

It is now March 2005 and Serafina has settled in well. She does not like to be picked up, but otherwise is quite affectionate. She loves to cuddle up on a lap or next to someone on the couch. When she's really happy, she drools. Playing "hide-n-seek" under the tables and behind the big plant in the front room are great fun for her and there are plenty of sunny windows for her to bask in. We've found that Serafina has some very distinctive mannerisms (ex.: chirps instead of meows) and can be quite amusing. Our other two senior-citizen kitties have resolved themselves to her presence :) and they seem to be a bit more active with a younger cat in the house. All in all, we think adopting Serafina was a good move and we're sure Serafina agrees.

Kurt and Marion

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