A Letter from Sheba's Mom & Dad


Dear 4 Paws,

Having grown up with only dogs, neither of us thought we'd ever own a cat.  In fact, Sheba's daddy is *extremely* allergic to many cats. A six-week stint cat-sitting for my mom's (adopted) cat convinced us to reconsider.  Enter 4PAWS, its fabulous foster parents (Mike & Mary) - and 3-year-old Sheba. When I saw her lively and intelligent eyes in her online 4PAWS bio, I had to meet her. We met her, and two days later she came home in June 2003. 

Every day has had more meaning, joy, laughter and amazement because of her.  Our beautiful girl begins singing to us when we come home from work (while we're still a good distance from the door, in fact), flops over repeatedly at our feet for belly rubs, asks for food by offering her paw, delivers to us her furry mice toys (always with a loud vocal announcement!), and taps me gently on the cheek to wake me up when it's breakfast time. She displays a depth of personality that we' never imagined; we are continually amazed. 

She's a "people cat," always stationing herself nearby and hardly ever leaving mommy's side. She is truly mom's constant companion and playmate.  She requires some specialized medical care which we are more than happy to give. Amazing, her daddy has no allergies to her -it was meant to be. She means the world to us. We encourage anyone who reads this to tell everyone they know to consider adopting a cat - we had no idea how much laughter and love we were in for. Can you tell that I am completely smitten?!

Thank you, 4PAWS!!

Chris & Bob