A Letter from Snickers & Hershey's Mom

Snickers & Hershey

Hello 4 Paws,

I wanted to send you a note and let you know how the kitty we adopted from you is doing. We have also included some pictures for you. We have named our new kitty Snickers, to go along with his brotherís name of Hershey.

The day we brought him home was a little rocky and I am sure that is because everything was new and strange to him plus he was introduced to a new sibling. I was not sure it was going to work at first as Hershey kept chasing him all over the house and jumped on him at every opportunity (strange since Snickers was bigger than Hershey). I was worried about Snickers as he seemed very shy and Hershey was very aggressive. By the second day at noon they were sleeping together and Hershey was licking Snickers. I was surprised at how fast things turned around. They are now the best of buddies and both of them now chase each other around and Snickers does his fair share of chasing and jumping on Hershey. Snickers is a joy and growing like a weed. He loves to sit on our lap and will sleep on the bed at night given the opportunity. They have a bed next to ours and you can often find them asleep together on their own little bed. They both eat like little pigs but given their energy level they need all of the food they can get.

Again, thanks for bringing Snickers into our lives.

Marjorie J.

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