A Letter from Snowflake Nylec


Dear Melanie (4Paws volunteer),

Life is good. I am the luckiest kitty in the world. Thank you to Four Paws for letting me come to live with Grammy Del and Papa Nick. When they saw me the first time, they knew immediately that they wanted to adopt me. They had not even thought about getting a cat because they always had dogs. Since they never had a cat before, they had to learn a lot from me. I have learned a lot from them too. We are real pals.

I have the run of my adopted house and have hundreds of sleeping places. I love to listen when Grammy and Papa wonder where I am sleeping. When they are about to give up trying to find me, I let out a little noise to trick ‘em again. Finally I am found. I might be on one of the dining room chairs on the balcony, peaking through the openings in the chairs; or on another chair on the balcony just watching them looking for me; or in Grammy’s office, stuck behind the vertical shades. When they see the shades moving, they know for sure where I am. Or I love to hide under the round table in their bedroom where there is a tablecloth to the floor. Sometimes when Grammy is looking for me and walks by, I bop her with my paw from under the table. That makes her laugh and play again. Sometimes I forget to pull my tail in under the table so they probably know where I am but are pretending they don’t know. I get out-tricked a lot. Even my white paws show sometimes and then Grammy tickles them. We have so much fun.

I like to sleep with Grammy. That way I can always get some special rubbing when I climb on top of her around 3 or 4 in the morning. She always has time for me and loves me so much. Sometimes in the morning I tap my two paws on her to wake her up. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Next I try Papa. I get my rubbing on top of him too and then he goes back to sleep. Then I sit on the floor and wait and make some little wake-up sounds. Finally, she gets up and thinks I must be hungry. The first thing we do is get my water bowl freshened up. I like to look at myself in the reflection and put my paw in quickly and watch the water move. It is a real show to watch me. Although Grammy fixes my food, I cannot eat until she plays the laser light with me. Oh how I love that game. I jump and run and have more fun. We do this every single morning. Then I can eat. I love to have Grammy and Papa sit on the balcony and read the paper, and drink their coffee in the mornings. Then I can nap in different places, knowing they are there with me.

When Grammy goes to her office, I follow. I sneak behind the window blinds. What a picture I must be when people look up to the 6thfloor and see a kitty in the office window. Snoozing in the full sun is heaven on earth. My “Meows” mean different things. Grammy asks me what I want and I communicate if I was to just play, eat, go on the balcony, or go to the bathroom.

When I “meow”, Grammy knows I need something. I like her to come to the kitchen after I finish my bowl so she can ooh and aah what a good boy I am. I “meow” whenever I need some play time. We play and play and I know she is having just as much fun as I am. When I stand at the door and “meow” and look up at the door knob, that is my trick to tell Papa that it is time for a walk up and down our hallway. That is the most fun. We stay mostly on this side of the elevator and I never, never do anything wrong. When Grammy tells me to come in, I listen. When she says, “Scoot” and claps her hands, I run so fast I hardly hit the floor.

All the people who live around us just love me so much. Even Dick, who lives across the hall, thinks I am the cutest –and he doesn’t even like cats! They all melt when they see me. My girlfriend, Jade, lives next door to Dick. Her Mommy and Daddy are Dick and Sharon. Sometimes they knock at the door and ask if I can come out and play. I play it really cool when Jade runs over and gives me a kiss. Then she runs back embarrassed. I hang around, walking up and down, until she comes again and gives me another kiss. Then she gets really embarrassed and runs home. She is a scaredy cat – not confident like me. I am smitten with her. I know she is smitten with me too. But she must eat too much because Grammy she was so heavy to lift when she picked her up and took her home when she would not obey orders.

Grammy’s friend, Dot, lives a couple doors down. She sometimes checks in on me if they are going to be gone long. She loves me and thinks I am much cuter than Jade. Her granddaughter, Chloe, thinks I am her best friend. She can’t wait to come over and play with me when she comes to visit her Grammy. Sometimes she comes when I tired and I am not interested in playing (like late afternoons when it is sleepy time.) She does not understand that and now she thinks I don’t love her. She has two cats of her own but she likes me best. I write her letters and leave her little gifts on her Grammy’s door when she comes to visit. Then she writes me notes too. She is 6 years old but a little too loud to please me. She wants to play with me so badly.

My Litter Box is right next to the master bathroom toilet. When Grammy goes to the bathroom, I go too. There is a top on my litter box because I make such a mess. Grammy thinks it is so funny with me there and my head sticking out of the litter box….both doing our business.

Aunt Becca is at camp for four weeks. She just turned 16 and loves cats and dogs more than anything. She walks dogs at a nursing home and makes money that way. She also animal-sits for neighbors. But best of all, she has a kitty stroller (a Jeep) which she uses to take her two cats to a local nursing home where they cheer up the patients. When she was going away to camp, Grammy asked if we could borrow her kitty stroller. What a new world that has been for me. We walk to the pond and love watching the blue heron and geese and cars and activity. It is often breezy and cool and heavenly. One day we walked to Papa’s doctor. I loved sitting in the waiting room as people came by and thought I was the cutest kitty ever. They always remark about how happy and contented I look. They are really smart to know that because my life is like heaven on earth. I am so lucky.

One day Jade’s mommy decided she would like to try the stroller for Jade. Jade liked it just as much as I do.

Grammy’s sister came to visit for three days. I just kept staring at her (while she laughed) because she was so much like my Grammy. She misses me.

I love people and when we have visitors, I sit right in the middle of the room and enjoy them. I never, never hide from people. I love everybody and everybody loves me.

I have favorite toys. I like the one where I have a round scratching place in the middle and a ball that goes around it. I play with that all the time – even in the middle of the night. I can really make that ball roll fast. I also like my scratching post. Grammy tied a little mouse on a ribbon and puts the mouse on top. I strut around, pretending I don’t it. All of a sudden I run over there and knock that mouse off. Grammy and I have more fun playing that game. I also like it when Grammy has a long ribbon and walks throughout the house – me right behind her trying to catch. That is really fun.

My very favorite toy would be the laser light. Oh, how I can run after it, jump, do summersaults, flip around, and keep Grammy laughing with all my antics. I think I must be pretty funny. At least Grammy and Papa think so.

I love going to the Towne Animal Clinic in Leesburg. They think I am the best cat they have ever seen. I do anything they want. When I first went there, we were dealing with blood in my poopy and I was not supposed to have any dry food. When I first came here, I did not want to eat anything without dry food in my wet food. Then Dr. Berning suggested a new brand of food. She said “Fancy Feast” was the McDonalds of cat food. We quickly got that changed after consulting the experts at PetSmart. I now eat Natural Choice in chunks of chicken. I also need Purina DH for my dental problems. When I went for my first physical, they found I had lots of plaque on my teeth. This was very unusual since I was only a year old. I had to go back and have my teeth cleaned and they noticed a bad molar. We are watching it closely. It does not hurt me but it will have to be pulled. Grammy regrets she did not have it pulled right then but she didn’t know what to do until she thought about it later. Dr. Berning is a vet from Purdue University where Papa Nick and Uncle Nick went to college. That makes her very special to us.

I hope this gives you a picture of my life being adopted. I hope other kitties are just as blessed and loved as much as me. I will send more pictures.

Love, Snowflake