A Letter from Snowy's Mom


Dear 4Paws,

Five months ago I adopted a sweet timid girl named Snowy (now named Joule). She is adorable, curious, and funny. Our relationship has grown so much in the past 5 months! I look forward every day to her greeting me at the door and drooling all over me while we snuggle our “Hellos”. Everyone thinks the drool is weird but I just call it her love sauce lol. She is the best thing in my life! She loves to run and play hide and seek in her tunnel. She’s an adorable talker and it’s usually the first thing people notice. It’s a great way for her to communicate with me and I’ve learned what each subtle variation means. She’s lost a little weight and the glucosamine supplements have been doing wonders for her hips, she is jumping more smoothly and freely now, although still not super high.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you for allowing this darling girl into my life. She is the sweetest little cuddle bug.
Thank you,