A Letter from Talking Feather & Velvet's Mom


Dear 4 Paws,

Thanks for helping us adopt Feather and Velvet! They are doing really well.

Both kitties have grown a lot, but Velvet continues to be a lot bigger than Feather (they were not litter mates, as you know, but bonded together on the street and then after their rescue). They both eat really well and enjoy a couple of "Greenie" treats at night. Feather is learning to come when called and Velvet is learning to "sit" and "stand" with a little motivation from the treat. They have four different pieces of cat furniture throughout the house, and a greenhouse window in the kitchen where they love to watch wildlife while sunning themselves. They are both very energetic and loving. Feather continues to be a little more shy, but through working with her every day, she seems more and more comfortable. My 11 year old cat, Miss Chen, has accepted them as sisters and even enjoys playing with them and helping to groom both of them sometimes. All three cats take turns at night sleeping at the foot of the bed or in their little kennel nearby, or else at the top of the upstairs cat tower (usually Miss Chen's spot).

They have boxes filled with toys that they love, but they are especially excited by the little fur mice and also the wand/feather toys that we play with together. They drag all the toys around the house and into the bed where they sleep with them sometimes.

Velvet has very tufted ears and is getting very large, making us think she may have some Maine Coon cat in her. Feather is staying small, but has already surpassed Miss Chen who is also a small cat (around 7 1/2 pounds).

Feather is the queen of the sneaky ambush and does it with great glee, to both of the other cats and to us! She is also more likely to be seen with a toy in her mouth, headed to her favorite sunny spot. Feather is very talkative (as her former name implies). She loves to jump on top of the wicker laundry hamper and meow very loudly for us to come and pet her. She still gets very stiff when I pick her up and she doesn't like it if you get too close to her face, but all in all, she is doing remarkably well.

Velvet is the queen of jumping to high spots (we found her up in a bathroom cabinet once, that she had accessed by jumping on top of the bathroom door and then leaping into the upper cabinet cubbie) and she also loves water! She is a big lovey lap cat and sleeps on top of me most nights. She can also be found at any time, curled up in the bathroom sink bowl, but especially when it has recently had water in it.

They are both so entertaining, so loving, and bring so much joy to our home! Thank you again for your amazing work rescuing and adopting out these great cats and kittens.

I'm attaching a photo of Feather and Velvet from last week. This is them looking up when I said, "GIRLS!" They were getting a little rambunctious on the bed, in their usual playful moods.

Best, Elizabeth