A Letter from Tango & Twister's Parents

Tango & Twister

Dear 4 Paws,

It's been just a few days over two months since we adopted Twister (more often called by his nickname "Mookie"!) He and Tango have become such good pals so quickly. it is exactly what we had hoped for. They play the funniest games together, especially the "galloping cats": up the stairs, through all the rooms, then back down the stairs, switch positions, and begin again! They are truly the sweetest, silliest cats! It is amazing how compatible they are. You would think they had always been together.

We feel so fortunate that all you wonderful people at Four Paws gave us such great guidance in finding the perfect "little brother" for Tango. Both cats seem very happy, and we just love them both. It's great coming home every night to the "cat welcoming committee", purring and head butting and happy squeaks from Twister, and lots of conversation and affection from Tango.

They're really happy now that Spring is around the corner. For the past few days they've been enjoying sitting in the sun on the window sills, and observing all the outdoor critters with great interest. Seems like something new every day, and it's so much fun to be a part of!

Thanks again,

Tami and Don