A Letter from Tux's Sister

Tux & DC

Dear 4 Paws,

Hello my name is DC (short for Dock Cat).. I wanted to thank you for letting my Mom & Dad adopt my baby brother Mattie. He is a great baby brother for me. My Mom & Dad changed his name to Tux cause he looks like he has a tuxedo on. He is a 2 months younger than me and we get along fine.. My parents rescued me from the Docks (hence my name DC) at my Dads work. My parents decided I needed someone closer to my age to play with. I used to play with my mom a lot but I think she is really too old and a human (shhh don't tell her) to play with.

When they first brought my brother, Tux, home I was scared.. I was never around other cats before and the one experience I did have before him was not a good one, so I didn't know what to expect.. The first few times, Tux, came over to me , I just hissed at him, he would walk away..  A few times I would sneak up to him and check him out and even hit him with my paw and run, he just looked at me and yawned... I finally realized he was okay and within no time he was my best friend... We are always together...

Sometimes my baby brother walks up to me and just kisses me and walks away.. Its kinda neat... He has taught me to purr...so now when I sit with my Mom or Dad I purr when they pet me.. Tux & I love to play together and wrestle around a lot.. sometimes we run around the house and my Mom says we carry on like banshees (whatever that is), but we have fun...

We have a lots of toys, and a kitty tree. My dad tells my Mom, she is spoiling us, but she says we deserve it. We love both our parents, when my Dad comes home from work we greet him and he picks us up and rubs us and says hello. My Mom constantly kisses us, I don't get it but she sure seems to be happy when she does it... I still play with Mom some, but I really like playing with my baby brother Tux. I just wanted to say thanks 4Paws for my baby brother, I'm a much happier cat with him around.


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