A Letter from Walter



My name is Walter. I'm a Maine Coon cat who was destined for life on the wild side until, thank goodness, 4 Paws intervened. Every day my hairy little self is grateful that Christine from 4 Paws took me into her home as a foster kitty - until I could be adopted.

Now I live in a home in our nation's capital: Meow! We're only about 3 miles from the capitol building. One of my most treasured sports is watching birds and squirrels from the big back window on the dining room. Also, I have my own scratching post and two (count 'em, two!) sets of stairs here - most excellent for chasing all my mousies and catnip balls.

My two personal chefs, Dave and Elizabeth, bring me plenty of kibbles and water. They scratch my head, and I always roll over and show them my belly when they tell me how handsome I am.

I'm doing my utmost to achieve a zen-like state. . . but sometimes I forget, get distracted and still bite the hands that pet me. When the humans talk, they say I'll grow out of it. I believe them. . . I mean, gee, I'm barely 1 1/2 years old.

Time to go. Today I'm studying the Chickadees.


P.S. I'm named for Walter Johnson, legendary pitcher for the old Washington Senators. His nickname was "the big train" and I purr like one.