A Letter from Willow's Mom


Hi --

Just wanted to let you know that Willow has adjusted quite nicely to her new home! She tolerated the ride home in silence, except for a few meows, when I spoke to her. And she loves to be petted and held, and loves to curl up on the bed at night. She truly enjoys sitting atop her scratching post in front of the sliding glass door in my bedroom and looking out at the birds. She does like her canned cat food—I can hardly open the can fast enough for her! As soon as she smells it, she leaps across the room! She was a little timid when a neighbor stopped by, but quickly warmed up to her as well. She is definitely the kitten for which I have been searching! Thank you for caring for her until we found each other! And thanks for coming out in that wretched weather so we could start our bonding!

Happy Holidays!