A Letter from Zoe's Mom


Dear 4 Paws

Here are some pictures of Zoe was taken on her first day with us. Zoe curled up with Peter on the couch.  Zoe helping Peter surf the net. Zoe on a very important call (she was helping Peter when he was on hold). Zoe helping us to decorate the tree. Zoe and I opening one of her Christmas presents (she made out like a bandit this year, my sister and mother shipped her a bunch of goodies from the west).

Zoe has been doing well. She enjoyed having us home to give her the proper attention. Although I took her in to have her checked out on Christmas Eve. She had been sneezing a little and had a little bit of a stuffy nose. They found that she had a little ear infection and gave us drops and they put her on kitty vitamins to help boost her immune system. She has been doing fine and has been a real trooper about the drops.

My Mom will be visiting in April (from Arizona) and can't wait to meet her grand-cat. She is thrilled that Zoe spends a lot of time in the guest room sunning herself. She hopes that will give them lots of bonding time…

That's about it for a Zoe update. Please take care and thanks again for everything!