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Applying to Adopt a Cat:

If you wish to adopt a 4Paws cat that you have seen at an Adoption Location or the Online Adoption Fair, please complete an adoption application and contract.

You can adopt a cat by either faxing or emailing an application.
  • To fax an application - you can either download the application and contract by clicking the above or pick up an application packet at an Adoption Location Fax the completed paperwork to 703-560-9795. During the Covid-19 pandemic, DO NOT leave it at an Adoption Location

  • To submit an application via email - you can download the application and contract by clicking the above. Then fill it out the application in Adobe Reader by following the below instructions. Email the application to Be sure to print and keep original application. You will need application with wet signature to pick up your cat.
  • Adobe Reader Instructions. Download the above form and then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. For some older PCs, it might be necessary to upgrade the version of Acrobat Reader to a newer one. Go to for a free download of the latest software. Make sure you uncheck the option to download the McAfee software free trial.
    1. Open the form and click download arrow (icon on top right). Form will save on your computer.
    2. Open it directly in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (or simply by double clicking on the file saved on your PC, most computers have Acrobat reader installed)
    3. Click on the 'Fill & Sign' tool in the right pane
    4. Click on the lines or spaces where you would like to add text (i.e. Name _______) and you will now be able to fill in the form.
    5. Save and email to 4Paws at

  • Be sure to call 703-715-6369 and leave a message indicating that you have faxed, mailed an application to adopt a cat.

  • It takes 3 to 4 days to process an application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. A 4Paws volunteer will call you after the application has been reviewed.

Senior Companions for Seniors - reduced adoption fee of $60 on cats 8+ years old for senior adopters (65+)

Veterinary care is provided to 4Paws’ cats as appropriate. All cats are vaccinated (as appropriate for their ages), spayed or neutered (if old enough) and tested for feline leukemia and AIDs.

The adoption fee for an already sterilized cat is $120**. For an unsterilized kitten the fee is $145 ($95 adoption fee plus $50 refundable sterilization deposit). After providing proof of spay or neuter, a $50 deposit is refunded to the adopter of an unsterilized cat.

It is our goal to make the best possible match between adopter and cat. Accordingly, we may suggest that you adopt a cat other than the one for which you are applying, depending upon your lifestyle and household.

While it is our intent to find permanent loving homes for our cats, we understand that sometimes a placement does not work out or circumstances change. A cat rescued by 4Paws is a cat rescued for life. We will always accept back any cat previously adopted out through our program.

You will be entitled to a refund of the adoption fee if we are notified within 30 days of the adoption that you are having problems. If you wish to continue working to integrate the cat into your household, we will often grant an extension on the time to get a refund. In the case, however, that the adoption does not work out, as indicated in the Adoption Contract, you are required to return the cat to 4Paws. You may not give the cat away or take it to an animal shelter.

For any reason, at any point in the future, 4Paws will always accept back any cat previously adopted out through our adoption program. Call us at 703-715-6369 and indicate that you need to return a 4Paws cat. Do not call Petco, as they have no authority to accept a cat on behalf of 4Paws.

**These adoption fees only partially defray our costs of readying a cat for adoption.

  • De-worming and flea treatment ($15 - $25)
  • Rabies and distemper vaccines ($20 - $30 each)
  • Leukemia/AIDs testing ($40 - $60)
  • Spay or neuter ($75 - $150)
  • Supplies (food, litter, toys and medication)