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4 Paws Rescue Team receives many wonderful pictures and letters from people who have adopted our cats. We would like to share some of those happy endings with you. To view the pictures and letters, just click on the below links.
George Cinderella Jillyboo & Jujubee (formerly Berlioz & Marie)
Maisy (formerly Sparkle) Snowflake Nylec Talking Feather & Velvet
Pennywise Minina Lexi (formerly Pearl)
Bogart (formally Bristol) Jasper Snowy
Jackie Nii-Nii Ginger Snap
Jellybean and Licorice Zoe Clemmy and Zelda
Sir Henry Thomas Sheba Cosentino (formerly Marley)
Ava Brad Snickers (Big Boy) & Hershey
Clairese Willow Percival (BC) & Pixie
Serafina Marmalade Tux (Mattie)
Sneakers (Dusty) Bridget 'Cheeky'
Panda Isis Nikko (Bobsled)
Boots Benson Puss & Boots
Mitsey & Newton Sadie Manifesto
Knuckles Tango & Twister Walter
Pecan Brandy Joey
Sam & Sarah Mittens Grizzly
Chelsea Vanessa Buster aka Hanzi
Forestville Elementary School Angelina & Eloise Max
Philips' Mom, Emma Philip Little Girl
Veronica Oliver Chachi
Smitty Akasha Isis
Mindy Annabelle goes to Europe! Sydney - the world traveler - home at last!