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Whiskers & Wine Adoption Event at Great Falls Animal Hospital held August 29

and 4PAWS SILENT AUCTION ends September 5!

             Wine Outlet
        The Wine Outlet in Great Falls kindly provided refreshments for the event

          Hand Painted Bottles for Silent Auction painted by Julie & Jessica

         1) Cat & Yarn 2) Standing White Cat & Flower 3) Orange Cat with Mouse


        4) Tuxedo Cat 5) Sitting Cat with Butterflies 3) Tabby Cat Sleeping

       How to submit bid:

      Email bid to

      Subj:  4Paws Silent Auction

       Include your Name, Day & Eve Phone, Describe Bottle and Bid

        All bids must be received by SEPT 5 NLT 8:00 PM


       Roadrunner made a special appearance