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Why Volunteer?

The 4Paws Rescue Team operates using a work force made up entirely of volunteers. Consequently, the number of feline lives that we are able to save is directly related to the generosity of those who are willing to donate their time to our cause. Different volunteer activities require varying degrees of commitment. With as little as thirty (30) minutes a week, you can make a significant difference and help us to save more lives. Please call 703-715-6369 or e-mail if you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Adoption Fair Set Up
    Volunteers are needed to help set up cages for adoption fairs. Set up takes place the Friday night before a show and lasts approximately one hour.

  • Adoption Fair Assistants
    Adoption Fairs are usually held on one or two Saturdays each month. Volunteers talk to potential adopters about general cat care and help them handle the cats that are available for adoption. At the end of each show volunteers help dismantle the cages. Due to Petco's store policy, adoption fair assistants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Foster Homes
    Foster homes are needed to provide temporary housing for cats and kittens. Volunteers provide food, shelter and love; 4Paws pays for pre-authorized vet services. Foster homes transport their wards to and from adoption fairs which are usually held twice each month in Northern Virginia Petco stores. The commitment can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months depending upon the availability of the volunteer.

  • Home Visit Volunteers
    Volunteers set up appointments with adopters to visit their homes and pets. New volunteers are trained by an experienced person and briefed on appropriate responses to questions that may arise. The visits usually take twenty minutes and are limited to the geographical location requested by the volunteer.

  • Store Volunteers
    Individuals are asked to commit to one evening or morning each week to care for the cats that are temporarily housed at Petco stores. Volunteers give the cats fresh food and water, scoop the litter, clean the cages and provide love and attention to the cats at the store of their choice. Due to Petco's store policy, store volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Transportation
    Volunteers are needed to transport cats for a variety of reasons. Sometimes cats need transportation from a store to the vet; other times they need to be moved from one Petco store to another. Requests are usually flexible to fit the volunteer's schedule. Most frequent need for transportation is on the weekend and during the day on weekdays.

  • Voicemail Volunteers
    Volunteers return calls from people who need help placing their pets or stray cats that they have found. Volunteers are asked to commit to check the voicemail three times each week and return approximately five (5) calls each time.
4Paws Volunteer Release

Important note: Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

We often find cats that are too shy or skittish to be adopted into homes. We are able to vaccinate and sterilize these animals, but unfortunately, they often cannot be returned to their original location due to any number of dangers-marauding dogs, construction, busy streets.

Do you know a cat lover who keeps horses? These sweet, but shy, city cats have few options for a decent life-and they would love to move to a warm barn in the country! Please call 703-715-6369 or e-mail us if you or someone you know can provide a barn for some of these cats. We'll be happy to deliver these cats (altered and vaccinated) and provide advice on how to integrate them into the barn. Placing city cats in country barns is a winning situation for all concerned. Your new barn cats will certainly earn their keep by helping to control the rodent population, and you'll be saving a feline life or two.