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An Urgent Plea for Foster Homes
Consider becoming a foster parent for 4Paws and help the little ones who can't help themselves!

4Paws' capacity to save feline lives is directly dependant on the number of foster homes available. Consider opening your heart and home to a homeless cat; become a foster home volunteer. The experience is quite rewarding and a wonderful way to teach children responsibility toward pets. The commitment could vary from a couple of weeks to several months depending upon your availability. You provide the food, litter and love, 4Paws pays for pre-authorized vet care.

Call 703-715-6369 (MEOW) to find out how you can help 4Paws give one more homeless cat a better life; a life filled with love, warmth and security. You will be rewarded many times over… every time your foster cat purrs in your ear or snuggles up against your neck. Your greatest reward, however, will be when you hand over your foster cat to her new family.

Of course it will be difficult to say goodbye, having cared for your foster cat from the beginning of her rescue. You will never forget the look of terror on her face as you gently pulled her from the carrier. Later that evening, you witnessed the dramatic change that a simple brushing and hearty meal could make in her appearance and confidence. Over time, you saw her get stronger and more trusting.

In your heart, you will know that it is time to let her go... time for your foster cat to have a family of her own to love and who loves her. You will be comforted to know that her new family has been carefully screened by a 4Paws volunteer to ensure that she will be well cared for and loved throughout her life. And you will know that you have done a generous and beautiful thing by providing a temporary home for your foster cat, but then letting her go in order to make space for the next homeless cat waiting to escape the cold and dangerous streets or a shelter's death row.

After you have discussed becoming a foster with 4Paws, these are the forms that you will need to fill out. Please read instructions below for filling out the forms.

4Paws Foster Contract

Download the above forms and then open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader. For some older PCs, it might be necessary to upgrade the version of Acrobat Reader to a newer one. Go to for a free download of the latest software. Make sure you uncheck the option to download the McAfee software free trial.
  1. Open the form and click download arrow (icon on top right). Form will save on your computer.
  2. Open it directly in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (or simply by double clicking on the file saved on your PC, most computers have Acrobat reader installed)
  3. Click on the 'Fill & Sign' tool in the right pane
  4. Click on the lines or spaces where you would like to add text (i.e. Name _______) and you will now be able to fill in the form.
  5. Save and send back to 4Paws.